I listened to “Wonderful Life” by Black for the past two weeks on repeat and this is what happened

It’s a wonderful, wonderful life.
 I happened to listen to Black‘s “Wonderful Life” pretty much every day for the past two weeks. This song just came to me one day like a sign sent from above and it’s been everywhere since – As an outro song for one Czech TV series, just to name one weird example… And now, Innesi has released her very own cover of “Wonderful Life” and I need a reality check.

“You’re depressed because you keep on listening to sad songs!” must be my friend’s favorite line when I call her in the middle of the night, frustrated about how I’m wasting my life and time in this alpine country. While there’s no such thing as a “sad song” to me as I don’t differentiate between such things, I’m grateful that pieces like “Wonderful Life” exist, reminding me that nothing is as fucked up as it seems to be. It gives me something to relate in a way… It’s therapeutic sometimes.

Now, we all know Innesi released a bunch of stand-out singles – Check out the latest one here if you’re late to the party, it’s even in our list of the best tracks of 2018.
And just because I made this weird-ish habit some time ago listening to Black‘s “Wonderful Life” at least once to make it through the day, I’ll admit that I was more than just a little shocked when I found out about Isabelle Erkendal‘s version.
Of course, Innesi presents this track in a refreshing Alternative Rock hue, adding this subtle in-your-face-attitude while not forgetting about the melancholic undertones that are already delivered with the original track.

And the fact that this one dropped on Valentine’s Day is a friendly reminder that everything is fine. It’s a wonderful life after all.


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