Innesi drops a bomb – Check out the amazing new single now!


If you haven’t heard the previous two tracks by Innesi – aka Isabelle Erkendal – yet, then… Do so now, this link will lead you there. You will love it. And it’s more than sure that you’ll love the brand new single “Drop a Bomb” even more.

Drop a Bomb” is… Well, it’s a real gem. Or a bomb, if you will. This track is so beautifully melancholic it almost brings tears to your eyes and the boldest aspect of it all are definitely the lyrics – But that’s pretty much all I’ll tell you now. Besides the two facts, that it’s produced by Sami Sirviö of Kent and released through psykbunkern.

Now go and listen for yourself. It’s very much recommended. Did I mention that it’s quite magical too? Now I did.


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