In Flames – Siren Charms


Released: 05.09.2014 SWE

In Flames is a band I don’t really need to introduce to our readers. Honestly, who doesn’t know Gothenburg’s finest Metal band which In Flames indeed are.
In September 2014 the band released their eleventh studio effort entitled “Siren Charms” and it would be a shame not including it in the Your Dead Partner review of the year 2014.

The first track you’ll hear on “Siren Charms” is called “In Plain View” and it definitely won’t blow away die-hard In Flames fans, but that doesn’t make “In Plain View” a bad track. Nope. It’s a good start, but it doesn’t catch one’s attention on the first listen. It just flows by and you’ll hear “Everything’s Gone”, which also doesn’t bring anything groundbreaking with it. Unlike “Paralyzed”.
Paralyzed” is the first song that actually grabbed me on this album. Well, it has a reason. It’s melodic, it has some interesting elements in it… Why not put it on the must-hear list?

Siren Charms” goes on with the second single “Through Oblivion” and hell, this is the song I always wanted to hear from In Flames! Do I have to say something more about “Through Oblivion”? No. Not really.
As I mentioned before, die-hard In Flames will be slightly disappointed by “Siren Charms” since it takes a more Alternative Metal direction. Even more than the band’s 2011 album “Sounds Of A Playground Fading”. But hey, as a band it’s important to not stick to only one genre. Unless you want your music to become boring as fuck.

The ride goes on. “With Eyes Wide Open” is the fifth track, which might sound a bit average on the first few listens, but turns out to be quite awesome as it grows on you. What I really like about “With Eyes Wide Open” are the vocal lines by Anders Fridén. Especially in the chorus.
What would be an In Flames album without a song being a title giving one? “Siren Charms” has a quite interesting guitar riff, but else… Well, it didn’t quite throw me off the chair.
When The World Explodes” is maybe the heaviest song on the album, but don’t make hopes. It turns out that it is the weakest spot on “Siren Charms”. Why? The female vocals kind of butchered the overall atmosphere of it. It’s simply not fitting.

But next you’ll hear “Rusted Nail”. The first single which brought a bit comfort after the previous track. Well, “Rusted Nail” was indeed a clever choice for the first single. Just go and take a listen to it if you haven’t already. And why does “Rusted Nail” remind me of some song from “Sounds Of A Playground Fading”? Anyone with an idea?
Dead Eyes” doesn’t necessarily impress you as well as “Monsters In The Ballroom”. Am I the only one who is a bit wondered about this “swinging chandeliers” thing going on in the chorus? You know… There is a pop song about swinging on chandeliers, so… If this is a reference? Nobody knows.
Filtered Truth” is the last track off “Siren Charms” and again… It flows by… Nothing really exciting coming up during those 3 and a half minutes… Leaving you kind of… Confused and sad at the same time.


Summary? Well, “Siren Charms” is maybe an album for the fans of the new style of In Flames. Nothing more. It’s really sad to say that even after listening to it several times, you still can’t find a track that would be somehow memorable except one or maximally two exceptions.
What more to say? “Siren Charms” is, when you forget about this fact, definitely a grower. Nothing groundbreaking, but not exactly disappointing.

Personal Favorites:

  • Paralyzed
  • Through Oblivion
  • With Eyes Wide Open


Take a listen:

Written by M. Nyman, December 2014

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