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Released: 08/04/2016 NOR

Arktis” is automatically associated with coldness. “Arktis” is the name of Ihsahn’s sixth studio album. “Arktis” saw the light of this world on the 8th April 2016 and is the proud successor of “Das Seelenbrechen” which came out in 2013.
Do you know what is coming at you? If you don’t, we’ll gladly tell you.
Arktis” has a lot to offer.

If you’re already familiar with Ihsahn, then you will have an idea what happens during the opener “Disassembled”. We have a bold guitar riff and the whole track is kinda telling you what Ihsahn is all about.
And guess who provided additional vocals for this one? Yep, it’s Einar Solberg from Leprous.
Mass Darkness” follows and when compared to the previous track, here you’ll clearly hear the more Black Metal-esque attitude while “My Heart Is Of The North” has a rather Progressive vibe to it.
And that’s one reason why “Arktis” keeps on being interesting.

South Winds” follows and the first thing you will hear is that rather Electronic line. And this track is that point where I jumped up from my seat. There are a couple of memorable moments and it’s completely different apart from the rest in an own way – and that’s admirable!
And what’s next? “In The Vaults” comes up with a haunting riff and brings something with it that won’t let you go anymore…
Then there’s “Until I Too Dissolve” which is another very strong track, as well as “Pressure”. The latter has probably the catchiest chorus of “Arktis”.

If you expect something calmer with “Frail”… Well, that might have been just the beginning of the next big thing coming at you and “Crooked Red Line” proves that sometimes an epic saxophone solo provided by Jørgen Munkeby of Shining is everything you need.
And if you think that “Arktis” can’t get any more epic… Have “Celestial Violence”!
With “Til Tor Ulven (Søppelsolen)”, “Arktis” gets an unusual yet also a quite obscure ending and there you have it, my friends… Ihsahn did it once more and “Arktis” is a special record in every way.




If there’s something I enjoyed the most about this record, it’s its diversity. The album has so many different facets and you won’t find yourself bored while listening to it. Every track you’ll find on  “Arktis“ is unique and together it all forms something that has pretty much everything a good record needs.
I always enjoyed the previous records by Ihsahn, but I have to admit that ”Arktis“ exceeded all my expectations.
I enjoyed this one a lot.

Personal favorites:

  • South Winds
  • In The Vaults
  • Pressure
  • Frail
  • Celestial Violence

Take A Listen:



Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. April 2016.

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