IAMX – Metanoia


Released: 02/10/2015 UK

I’ve got a kind of an on and off relationship with the music of IAMX aka Chris Corner.
I remember really enjoying his work when my music taste had that “darker phase”.
You know… That phase when I used to listen to Black Metal.
Well, IAMX represented that “friendly alternative” to me back then.
The surprise was quite big when I stumbled across IAMX again and found that “Metanoia” was released recently.
I couldn’t resist. Especially when knowing that IAMX never disappointed me in the past.
Anyway, let’s see what “Metanoia” has to offer…

No Maker Made Me” is the opening track of “Metanoia” and it’s getting a bit obvious that this album will probably go in a bit more Industrial style. “No Maker Made Me” is overall a nice opener that won’t tell you what’s about to come next at you.
The thing coming at you is called “Happiness”. The first single. To be honest, I needed quite some listening sessions to this one since… The message isn’t clear in the beginning. It need to grow on you so you can make an opinion.
It’s rather minimalistic and Chris Corner shouting “LIARS!” just adds the right power to it. I’m satisfied, but if you never heard about IAMX before… This isn’t the right track to start with.

Talking about good tracks to start with if you’re not familiar with IAMX… “North Star” is definitely one of them.
There’s something creepy about this one. Something mysterious and creepy at the same time. Well, just take a listen to it yourself!
Metanoia” continues with “Say Hello Melancholia” and we are left with another masterpiece.
But don’t worry, the album also offers some of those so-called WTF-Moments! “The Background Noise” is one of them. I don’t know why, but I still can’t let this track grow on me. Not even after several listens to this album – but the lyrics are quite awesome. Let’s admit that.

Insomnia” comes up next and is probably one of my favorites off “Metanoia”.
It’s a very emotional song. So fragile yet strong enough to speak for itself.
Hell, it’s… Hard to say actually. Just go and listen to it yourself.
So far I heard a very solid album. Let’s continue.
The dark track called “Look Outside” is the number 7… Okay. This one didn’t really stay in my memory for too long.
Then we’ve got “Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me”. IAMX goes Marilyn Manson? Well, there’s a Mansonesque vibe to it indeed and you could easily imagine Manson performing it as well… Except Chris Corner does a much better job with his vocal abilities.

What else does “Metanoia” offer? “Aphrodisiac”. Yep. That’s the next song. And… This is just fucking weird. Best description to ever exist.
Surrender” just needs a lot of patience so it can grow on you. Else it will flow by… Almost unnoticed. Well, the ending kinda sticks out, but the rest of the song… Not much.
The closing track called “Wildest Wind” brings something calming to “Metanoia” and… I think I’ve got no more words to add.



So after around two years after my IAMX withdrawal, I can say that “Metanoia” didn’t quite surprise me with anything. I’m not disappointed or anything. It’s an okay album that definitely has some growers, but is quite enjoyable at the same time.
There are always those two or three songs that stand out from the crowd and that really can take you by the heart and there are some songs that are quite questionable as well.
The Unified Field” probably stays my favourite IAMX album, but I feel like “Metanoia” will become the close second after a while.

No, I’m still not talking about IMAX.

Personal Favorites:

  • North Star
  • Say Hello Melancholia
  • Insomnia

Take a Listen:




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