IAMX – Everything Is Burning (Metanoia Addendum)



Released: 02/09/2016 UK

The new IAMX mini-album called “Everything Is Burning” is everything you need for this weekend.
Everything Is Burning” features nine remixes of songs you could find on “Metanoia” – which came out in October last year, read our review here – but that’s by far not the only thing this EP has to offer!
Yes, you can also find seven brand new IAMX tracks and we’re going to check them out now.

The opener goes under the same name as the EP and will probably get stuck in your head for some unknown reason – trust me, I didn’t figure out why. “Everything Is Burning” is minimalistic, yet catchy while sounding fresh and new.
Dead In This House” however, managed to impress me much more than the previous song and it’s becoming clear that this EP feels less dark and heavy than “Metanoia”. At least so it does for me.

Triggers” follows and will touch you with it’s everything. The same goes for the next song entitled “Scars” which turns out to be very epic in the end.
IAMX will also surprise us with “The Void” which sounds rather unusual when compared to the previous material.
What else is coming at you? It’s “Eternity” and admit it, you just couldn’t resist that synth bass.
The seventh track on “Everything Is Burning” is “Turning Crimson”, representing a perfect ending to the EP.
Afterwards you can enjoy couple of remixes, which are pretty neat as well.




No matter whether you enjoyed “Metanoia” or not, its Addendum is definitely something you should check out. IAMX delivered something new with “Everything is Burning”, while keeping up with the dark mood found throughout the latest album. And we shouldn’t forget mentioning the impressive lyrical aspect of the EP either.
Did we expect something this cool from IAMX? Yes, we did.

Personal favorites:

  • Everything Is Burning
  • Dead In This House
  • Scars

Take a Listen:




Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. September 2016. 

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