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There’s quite a lot happening around IAMX lately. We’re sure that the die-hard fans know. Fall 2017 saw the release of an experimental album “Unfall” – which was no Unfall at all – and now we’re getting confronted by “Alive In New Light” that came out on 2nd February 2018. The communist red color of the album cover is more than inviting, so let’s dive into the brand new soundscapes of IAMX and let us tell you something on the way.

The very first track you’ll hear on “Alive In New Light” is titled “Stardust” and it’s not that kind of an opener that sucks you right into whatever is gonna happen next. The songwriting and the arrangement is something typical for IAMX and the aggression that could be found on “Metanoia” is not a present thing anymore – “Stardust” reminds us of something that could come from the 2009 album “Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction“, but we might be wrong as well.
The title track follows with a synthpop-esque vibe and unfolds into something unexpected and powerful. Even though you might need a few listens to get into it. The same thing goes for “Break The Chain“, the first true highlight of “Alive In New Light“.

While “Break The Chain” and “Body Politics” (If there’s any track you just need to hear from this record right now, it’s “Body Politics“. No questions asked here.) represent the familiar and refined Industrial side of IAMX, Exit” comes around in a… New Light! Get it? The album’s called “Alive In New Light“! Well, puns aside, things get dramatic and badass on “Exit“, making it one hard-hitting piece that you won’t appreciate on the first listen. We admit it sounds pretty messy when you first hear it. That’s what makes it exciting. It just gets better and better.

“We are infinite”

So, it was all around the internet that Kat Von D is making a collaboration with IAMX and 99.9% of people seemed to be excited about that fact. Okay, why not actually? You can hear her guest vocals on “Stalker” and that track just feels like a more theatrical version of “My Secret Friend” – Some trivia alongside for those who don’t know: Yes, it was Imogen Heap that featured on “My Secret Friend” back in 2009. We don’t think that anyone can beat her. Other than that, “Stalker” is an okay piece and the same thing can be said about “Big Man” – It flows by the way it’s supposed to, but it barely stays in your memory.

If you’re looking for something that stays in your memory, give “Mile Deep Hollow” a try. It’s by far the strongest track on “Alive In New Light“. Full stop.
The Power And Glory” is the last piece you’ll hear before venturing off to follow your other scheduled activities. It’s not surprising to have this album end with this kinda track. This move was predictable from the start, but that doesn’t change anything about the fact that “The Power And Glory” is quite moving. It might jerk tears from some people, but these people weren’t present in our office while collectively reviewing “Alive In New Light“.



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Personal favorites:

Alive In New Light
Body Politics
Mile Deep Hollow


  • 7.8/10
    IAMX – Alive In New Light - 7.78/10


Alive In New Light” is a worthy successor of the 2015 IAMX-record “Metanoia“. It’s not something you’ll love on the first listen and it sounds quite annoying and not diverse at all in the beginning, but you know… As with everything IAMX puts out, it gets better and better with time and the only thing this album needs is time. Time to grow. You need to hammer it into your head – That’s why there’s a hammer on the cover, right?
The majority of us still enjoys the old-school IAMX material a lot, but “Alive In New Light” is something brand new and rather unusual. There’s a lot to be discovered and the fact that there’s not hit-song won’t bother you at all. It’s 2018. Who needs hit-sonds anyway, right?

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