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Released: 08.05.2015  FIN

This is probably the sickest record you’ll hear in a long time. I got you warned.
Now… Who the hell is Hisser, you ask?
Well, let’s say that Hisser is a kind of an alter-ego of Miikka Koivisto, the lead singer of Disco Ensemble and I’m sure you already heard about them.
So now you know who Hisser is and now you’re ready to find out why his debut album is the sickest thing you’ll hear in 2015.

Park Fiction” is the opener… Not just an opener… It’s a hell of an opener and probably the catchiest song ever written, which is a reason why “Park Fiction” belongs to the must-hear list straight away.
I remember I shared the video for “Shifter” on this site some time ago and we’re slowly getting to the strange part of this album. Lyrically, “Shifter” is plain awesome and that’s all I can say right now.
I promised you something sick, right? Well, have “Halfling” which is one of the reasons why I’d really want to listen to this album when being drunk or stoned or something.
But then there’s “Alienhood” which is nothing else than majestic. Yep. That’s all I can say. It’s… Simply awesome. And I fear that awesome is still a weak word to describe “Alienhood”.

It goes on with “Up To The Brim”. Another strong track with an indeed catchy chorus and you just can’t not love the beat of “Queen And King”.
If you thought that “Halfling” is the strangest thing Hisser has to offer, you were awfully wrong.
Eat Clean”.
Yes. You got it. Nothing else. Just “Eat Clean”. You’ve got the message.
Everything will be alright. Trust me. But “Green Tarp” and “Tiger Cage” won’t be much of a relieve for you.
Personally, I really dig this. I don’t really know why, but this album has something to offer that is different from the most indie electronic albums. Something you have to struggle to find the right words for.
And with “Next Life” you already arrived at the end of this album. If you think you’re the only one who thought something like “What the fuck was this?!” on the first listen… You weren’t.


Hisser” by Hisser is definitely one of the most interesting and most experimental albums I’ve heard lately and you can’t really say anything bad about it.
There aren’t any tracks that sound repetitive. There aren’t any tracks that get boring with time.
There’s diversity. There’s everything present which makes a good album.
And this is where I stop and you begin. If you’re into something new and something awesomely sick, then Hisser is just the right thing for you.

Personal Favorites:

  • Park Fiction
  • Alienhood
  • Up To The Brim
  • Eat Clean
  • Tiger Cage
  • Next Life


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