HIM – Tears On Tape


Released: 27.04.2013 FIN

The anticipated 8th studio album by HIM and the follower of the 2009 studio effort “Screamworks”. What’s so special about “Tears On Tape”? And how is it different from previous HIM records? Continue reading to find out more!

Tears On Tape” starts with an intro entitled “Unleash The Red”. It’s just a short one minute track followed by “All Lips Go Blue” which surely shows that HIM returned to their old style.
It’s clear now that “Tears On Tape” will be somewhat better than its preceding album “Screamworks – Love In Theory and Practice”.
All Lips Go Blue” is a catchy, but yet classic-sounding HIM-song. A great starter and one of my favorites.
The next song you’ll hear is called “Love Without Tears”. It surely has a nice chorus, but it didn’t really get me. After that there is “I Will Be The End Of You” which is a good song, but yet it won’t get stuck in your head.

When listening to HIM albums, you often don’t realize that you’re already in the middle of the record since you kinda enjoy it. Well… I personally label HIM as easy to listen Rock.
The fifth song and first single which is, at the same time, the title song “Tears On Tape” for which you can find the video when looking through YDP-website. All in all it wasn’t the best choice to be the first single, in my opinion. But still, I really enjoy Janne “Emerson Burton” Puurtinen’s keyboard parts in “Tears On Tape”.
I guess it’s not really necessary to say that it’s catchy. But a way too decent for the first single. After “Tears On Tape” you’ll get to hear “Into The Night” and here I have to credit the lead singer’s, Ville Valo’s great vocals.

Hearts At War” follows with a nice riff by the band’s guitarist Mikko “Linde” Lindström and here you have another classic HIM song.
An interlude. Yes. “Trapped In Autumn”. No need to say much about that track, except that you’ll hear “No Love” next, which might be one of the most Metal-like songs on “Tears On Tape” reminding be a little bit of the “Venus Doom” era.
Drawn & Quartered” belongs to the songs fitting perfectly the previous sound of this album and to the more calmer songs. The typical “ToT-Riffs” and as always: Great vocals.
Another interlude? Well… Okay.
Somehow I got that feeling of having heard the following song somewhere… At least the synth intro.

W.L.S.T.D.” aka “When Love Starts To Die” is again a Venus-Doomesque song and also the best on this album in my opinion. Nothing more to say, except that quite many bands started to use acronyms for the titles of their songs.
And when you got an intro for an album… You are expected to also have an outro which is called “Kiss The Void”.


Summary? “Tears On Tape” sounds like a mixture of “Razorblade Romance”, “Great Shadows And Brilliant Highlights” and “Venus Doom”. Not as good as the two first noted albums, but yet solid and listenable. It does contain many catchy tracks but not much of them are really such which I’d like to see as a new single.

I did actually enjoy this but I’ve missed something that was in every single HIM album. That special vibe.
And that’s why I think that a 7 out from 10 points is clearly fair for “Tears On Tape

Personal favorites:

  • All Lips Go Blue
  • Into The Night
  • No Love
  • W.L.S.T.D.


Take a Listen:

Written by Misha Nyman – April 2013, edited July 2014

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