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Heroes Don’t Ask Why is a Finnish metal band formed in 2015. In the spring 2016 line-up was finished in its current form with the drummer Kimmo Puhakka taking his place behind the drum kit. The music that followed was melodic divorce metal with a rock attitude. All things advanced rapidly and first self-titled six song album was released in December 2016. 

Twin-guitar attack by cousins Jussi Pajunpää and Matias Kaunisvesi is both aggressive and in the next moment, mellow melancholic bluesy flow of notes. There’s a clear hint of a Scandinavian metal roots but with added quest for a tender guitar work. Solid rock sound is completed with bass player Jussi Kivioja, who follows the path of his hero: Lemmy Kilmister.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, today we’re gonna take a listen to the debut EP by Heroes Don’t Ask Why – A Metal band from Kokkola. Doesn’t sound too familiar, right? Well, that’s why we’re here to tell you something more about their music so keep on reading to find out more! The die-hard Rockers among you should listen up now…

It all starts with the fierce opener “Seen It All” which could remind you of Iron Maiden at parts. The track manages to wake your interested to hear more from Heroes Don’t Ask Why and so the EP continues with “Heroes” which perfectly follows up on the energy of the previous track. You get some powerful guitar riffs and a statement-making chorus, that won’t leave you cold – I mean, come on, it got stuck in my head right after listening. Let’s just say that “Heroes” is a song that perfectly describes what this band is all about.

Time Runs Out” shows Heroes Don’t Ask Why from the more aggressive side, but you get the feeling that something is missing here and I’m not really sure what it is. But the outro of “Time Runs Out” was a pretty impressive idea. It makes the track a bit edgy, you know… A simple guitar-only intro will introduce you to the next track called “Paralyzed” that showcases the music of Heroes Don’t Ask Why in a more vulnerable way. A chorus that will make you think something like “Fuck yeah, I like this!” and an epic intermission is what makes “Paralyzed” stand out. Yes, it’s official. We’ve found the highlight of this EP.  

What’s next? A track bearing the name “Frostbites“? Bring it on. You’ll get to hear something… Quite interesting… You know what? Just take a listen to this track yourself. There’s something about it that impressed me big times. It might just as well be a personal thing. And then we’re getting to the last track of the EP. Heroes Don’t Ask Why deliver a grandiose end to their debut release with “Goodbye” and at this point I’m convinced that it doesn’t need much words anymore. Just do yourself a favor and take a listen to it. You won’t get disappointed.

Heroes Don’t Ask Why released one of to the cooler debut EPs that I’ve heard. You just feel that the thing you just listened to has potential, which isn’t always the case when it comes to the very first releases of bands. This EP is very well produced and you’ll be able to find some surprisingly catchy tunes that will surely make their way into your playlist. Heroes Don’t Ask Why make music that will surely impress every fan of classic Heavy Metal with a modern twist and their debut EP is more than solid. We approve.


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★★★★☆ // GOOD. Everything is beautiful.


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