Listen to the atmospheric new single by Hello Blue

Hello Blue formed in Stockholm in the summer of 2016 after Jimmy-Ray, when contemplating the perishability of life, wrote a Facebook update about starting a rock band. Sebastian who sat bored at the other end of the city answered his plea and after a couple of hours the train picked up speed. The rock band became a pop duo and the tristesse became sweet music.”

Hello Blue caught our attention with their 2nd single “Concorde” (which you can check out here or here) and we’ll admit that it wasn’t love on the first listen. Maybe that’s what made us all look forward to the release of “Team” even more. We don’t know.

What we know is, that this pop-duo’s brand new single is something you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s atmospheric, it has a little twist to it that makes it lovable and we think it might be one of the signature-tunes of Hello Blue.

“The new single ‘Team’ is a ballad about having a puff in the afternoon sun and sleeping with straight guys.”

And with this being said… Go and take a listen to this and join the Hello Blue Team, right? Right.


Source: psykbunkern

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