Hamartia – Ílios (EP)

Released: July 2016  |  

Hamartia paints the psychedelic atmosphere with hypnotic riffs that are followed by a ferocious guitar wall. The songs possess surprising twists and turns and the intense live experience is filled with attitude.”

Being compared to bands like Deftones, Rage Against The Machine and Tool, Hamartia seems to be another promising act from Tampere and today we’re gonna take a listen to “Ílios” – Their debut EP that came out last summer. Do you happen to know what to expect? Neither do we. Let’s check it out then…

Ílios” starts off with the opener “Somnolent” and you get a raw mixture of Tool-ish riffs and some elements that can be found in Alternative Metal. It’s a track that won’t necessarily blow your mind, but it gets you in the mood for more. A solid and energetic opener. Fair enough.
Theikos” follows and things head into the psychedelic direction, just as promised. The track takes an unexpected turn when you get to hear the powerful, yet melancholic chorus. There is something Progressive about “Theikos” that makes this song stand out. The songwriting structure could be more clear and structured to make it a true jaw-dropper without getting a bit lost in it, if you know what I mean.
The third and the final song you’ll hear on this EP is the title track “Ílios“. It radiates with an almost shamanic vibe which changes into something wild and unexpected. You have to focus on the music to keep up with what’s happening and trust me, it’s nothing far from impressive.

Being around since 2015, the debut of Hamartia is a very fine experience. Their music is varied and that’s what makes this EP enjoyable. There might not be anything signature about their sound just yet – You know, something you could easily remember them by, but that’s an aspect that comes with time. Anyway, “Ílios” is an exciting EP and we’ll be looking forward to hear more from Hamartia in the future.

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★★★★☆ // GOOD. Everything is beautiful.


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