Godhead Machinery release second single ‘Council of Nicaea’ as 360 lyric video


Swedish unorthodox extreme metal Godhead Machinery released their second single “Council of Nicaea” from their upcoming album “Ouroboros” due out September 29th 2017 via Inverse Records. Watch the stunning 360 lyric video on Youtube (or above this text, whatever you like!).

Godhead Machinery was introduced earlier with their impressive first single ‘Praise the Flesh‘. The band’s main man Kail,  known from his previous black metal band Misericordia, tells about new single and upcoming album:

Council of Nicaea is much more extreme and technical than our previous released single ‘Praise The Flesh‘, but I still hope that this track will convince those who are more used to extreme tunes and groovy blasts. I think that these two singles will give the listeners an rough idea of the variation that awaits on Ouroboros. We are also very pleased to be able to present a brand new 360 lyric video that will let the viewers explore some parts of our cover art and lyrics together with this track.” 


Source: Inverse Records

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