Funeralglade released a music video from their upcoming EP


Funeralglade is a melodic death metal band from Turku, Finland, consisting of five young (from 16 to 18 year old) and passionate musicians. Funeralglade mixes influences from many different genres, such as Melodic Death Metal, Deathcore, Groove Metal and Black Metal. This combination provides the listener with mesmerizing lead guitars before plunging into a gruesome swirling havok of riff-insanity backed by intense vocal work and bludgeoning drums. The songs revolve around death in all of it’s forms, ranging from despair to power, from longing to hatred.

Source: Inverse Records

Something fresh from Finland’s Metal scene for the aficionados of the heavier genres among our readers!
Funeralglade have just released a brand new video for the single “Shadow Of Misery” taken from their debut EP “May The Funeral Begin” that is set for release on August 18th – We will tell you something about that later on.
In the meanwhile, make sure to check out the track on Spotify too! Let’s just say that “Shadow Of Misery” made us look forward to hear the entire EP.


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