The Finnish Synthwave act KOSAN released a new single


KOSAN, in their one of a kind sound, mix elements from synthwave, Italo-Disco and 80’s bubblegum pop, varying from chart ready DJ burners to emotional, deep personal listening experience, without forgetting the feminine side of music.

Their breathtaking, chrome-flavored lead single “Hearts on Fire” takes you to the frontseat of a Pontiac Trans-Am with the Hoff, and sends you looking for a hedonistic afterparty in some distant world metropolis as much as a rural forest or a nearby underground warehouse, in the night when all dreams come true. Second track “Important Notes“, sinks you even deeper into the tripped out eternal party that will haunt you in your memories or in your old, secretly taped, but delightful vhs-collection for the rest of your life.

And let me just add, that there’s something lightly Kraftwerk-ish about the duo’s sound too. We enjoy that.

Source: Secret Entertainment

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