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Release: 02/2017 FIN |

Event Relentless is finnish metal band, which was founded by Juho Raita in 2013.
Band’s debut EP ”Cold Black November“ got released in September 2015. It has received positive feedback, and good reviews in the metal medias all around the world.

After their first release, band made their first European tour, which contained shows in Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Finland, Latvia, Czech Republic.”

Some time ago we reviewed the debut EP by Event Relentless (read it here) and February 2017 will see the release of “Under Ice” – the second EP by this promising Finnish Metal band.
Do you want to know what you can look forward too? Stick with us to find out more!

The title-track “Under Ice” opens up and it gets evident, that Event Relentless went for a more aggressive attitude – or let’s say it’s an “in-your-face-attitude”. At the same time, you’ll hear that the melodies are much more clearer and the track will become much more memorable. The band’s songwriting has definitely improved and that’s very nice to hear.

Emotionless” is the next thing you’ll hear on this three-track EP and the intro is freaking awesome. You’ll probably need a few listens before truly realizing what’s happening during those six minutes, but in the end you’ll enjoy this one for its eclectic progression. Looks like Event Relentless found their style with this EP – you decide.
Finally, you’ll get to hear “Before Angel Falls” and if anything, then this one was a nice surprise, which perfectly rounded up the experience of “Under Ice”. If you want to know what it’s all about, just wait for the EP. It’s gonna be out soon!


There still are a couple of really interesting Metal bands in Finland and Event Relentless is one of those. “Under Ice” is much more sophisticated than the band’s 2015 EP “Cold Black November” and all three songs make a statement. The structure is much more polished and listening to the EP becomes much more enjoyable.
This EP is definitely something to look out for. Your Dead Partner approves.


Take a Listen: 

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Personal Favorites:

  • Under Ice
  • Before Angel Falls

★★★★★ // PERFECT.


Written by YDP Collective. February 2017.

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