Event Relentless – Cold Black November



Released: 02/09/2015 FIN

This is the first EP release to get a proper review and not being featured on the New Music Post. Welcome!

Anyway, let me introduce you to Event Relentless. An up and coming Melodic Death Metal band from Pori, Finland.
Event Relentless released their debut release entitled “Cold Black November” this September and… Let’s just take a look at it.

The first track you’ll hear on this EP is called “Duality” and it already sounds very promising. There’s something symphonic about this one and on the first impression one can hear this “Norther meets Children Of Bodom” thing going on in the sound of Event Relentless – But this impression fades away the more you listen to this EP.
Cold Black November” continues with “Beyond The Speed Of Light” which is indeed a very solid song. It doesn’t offer any groundbreaking moments though, so let’s say it’s rather a classic Melodic Death Metal track!

The title-giving song “Cold Black November” comes up next and instantly became one of my favorites. Everything is present on this one and I can’t really think of anything I could add.
With “Clarify” coming up, you have another piece that is definitely worth checking out. It’s almost as if Event Relentless really clarified the way they’re heading with their debut EP.
Beginning Of The End” is… Yes, it’s the beginning of the end indeed. And hell, what a track it is!
You’ll probably need to take some listens to this one to get what’s going on, but that’s what makes it enjoyable.




Summary? I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The only thing that started to bother me on “Cold Black November” after a while was the rather excessive use of that electric piano on 2.5/5 of the EP. But other than that… It was a nice one!
Event Relentless is a band worth checking out. Especially if you’re into Melodic Death Metal – then you definitely won’t regret taking a listen to “Cold Black November”.
Guess there really is something interesting about all those bands coming from the Satakunta-region.

Personal Favorites:

  • Duality
  • Cold Black November
  • Clarify

Take A Listen:



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