Eskimo Callboy live in Salzburg – 19/10/2017

How to set Salzburg on fire? Well, just ask Eskimo Callboy, Bad Omens and Slaves. Because setting Salzburg on fire is exactly what they did on the 19th October in the legendary Rockhouse.

Here’s a report for everyone who couldn’t make it. And let’s keep things short and juicy, okay? It’s 4 am as I’m writing this (No, I’ll never learn).


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Slaves from California were the first band on the timetable and to be honest, while their band-name is very – let me say that again – VERY familiar, I have never heard of this band before and that contributed to the pleasant surprise I had in the end, so you all go and look for their single “I’d Rather See Your Star Explode“. It’s some atmospheric stuff with even more impressive vocals. A solid performance. Trust me.


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The evening continued with another band from the US – Bad Omens. Another name that rings a bell despite the fact that the band has just released their debut album sometime last year. Musically, you could compare the sound of Bad Omens to the one of another band from the US whose show I covered some time ago, but Bad Omens manage to come off as more authentic than the band I have on my mind.
Bad Omens showed the city of Salzburg how pure Post-Hardcore/Metalcore made in the USA is supposed to sound and look like. A truly impressive show and another nice surprise.


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The venue got packed and you just knew at some point that everyone is waiting for the German powerhouse also knows as Eskimo Callboy to show up. A friend of mine actually mentioned that she’s been at this band’s show in Salzburg some years ago and the venue was reportedly just half as full as it was now. Well, that was to expect, wasn’t it?

Eskimo Callboy hit the stage of the Rockhouse like a storm, opening their set with “The Scene” taken from their latest studio effort called… Drumroll, please… “The Scene“! Their fourth album that came out this August.
Combining Pop and Electronic elements with Metalcore, topping it all off with anthem-like and ridiculously catchy choruses, Eskimo Callboy can be described as one of the most original bands of Germany. They have a working concept and it shows. The set continued with “My Own Summer” and some more old-school tunes from the band’s 2014 record “We Are The Mess” – And yes, it was a mess. A very enjoyable one.

Eskimo Callboy delivered a very energetic performance, transferring some of the energy at me, making me hum the chorus of “MC Thunder” on my way to the parking lot to pick up my… Not Cadillac… Listen to the track to get that reference.

It was good to be back in Salzburg once again. Now let’s go back to Prague for a while…


Photos & everything else by M. Nyman-Sramkova


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