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Released: 25/01/2017  USA  |

As a person who is constantly searching for new music, this EP came around at the best time possible. I’m telling you.
Today, Your Dead Partner will be checking out the debut EP by Eric King – Check the artist out over here – and we’ll also witness what Renaissance Era Hip Hop sounds like. Did we get you hyped? Keep on reading to find out more!

The opener of the EP goes under the name “The Greatest” and it’s the biggest grower on this EP. You’ll need to take a few listens to this track to understand what’s happening. It will eventually get to you, trust me. The arrangement of “The Greatest” is minimalistic and Eric King manages to give it a whole different feeling – And let’s not talk about the way it’s produced and mastered. It’s alternative and so far, we’re enjoying it!
Boston City Dreams” follows and the synths used in this track scream 80s Synthpop. This one goes from rather bizarre to somewhat dreamy and… What the hell happened with the basketball, baseball and football teams? Well, that’s where I kinda lost the thread of the lyrics, but at least it amused me.

The next one is pretty catchy! “Trillionaire” will get you hooked with its memorable hook and its message gets through. And hey, there’s also this autotune part! What else do you want? Anyway, this is the track you want to hear if you want to get familiar with the music of Eric King. Enough said for now and let’s move to the last piece you’ll hear on this EP.
The six minute long “Lift Me Out Of The Dark And Into The Light” (Epically long song titles for the win!) is quite surprising when compared to the other tracks, mainly because of that chorus, which will get stuck in your mind – No matter if you want it to or not. Now… You know what? Just take a listen to the whole EP! I’m sure there’s somebody out there who will find this interesting just as I did.


This EP is different from everything you heard – in a mostly positive way – and it’s important to mention that Eric King produced all the music by himself. It’s always great to see artists with this DIY-attitude and we thoroughly support that!
Eric King’s debut EP is original and sure there are a few things that could be improved the next time, but overall, it’s a solid record. Not everyone will enjoy it equally though, but that’s fine.

Take a Listen:


Personal favorites:

  • The Greatest
  • Trillionaire
  • Lift Me Out Of The Dark And Into The Light

★★★☆☆ // OK. A solid record!


Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. March 2017.

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