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Released: 02/10/2015 FIN

I’ll admit I was a big Gothic nerd back in the day and Entwine belonged to those Finnish Gothic Metal bands that really caught my attention around that time.
I remember enjoying their 2004 album “DiEversity” a lot. “Fatal Design” has also made a big impression on me the time it was released.
Anyway, the last record Entwine brought out was called “Painstained”, which was released six years ago.
And after a break, the guys are back on track again. Together with a “Chaotic Nation”.
Can we expect a chaotic record? Let’s see…

We’ve got an energetic opener bearing the name “End Of Silence” and it perfectly describes what the rest of the album has to offer. It’s a very strong track that makes you wanting more. The true end of silence indeed. And the true, but yet updated Entwine sound we all knew.

Track number 2 off “Chaotic Nation” is called “Saint Of Sorrow” and first it reminded me of some other band’s material, but I was never quite sure what it was. Anyway, it’s another flawless song and I don’t need to add anything more.
Fortune Falls” continues and I could add it to my “personal favorites” list right away.
So far, “Chaotic Nation” met all my expectations. You’ll find everything from heavy riffs to quite catchy choruses and everything is in the right place musically.
The first single “Plastic World” made me quite excited for this album and I think one can tell why.

As We Arise” is… Let’s say that it makes you believe that it’s a calmer part, but nope. You’re probably wrong thinking that. The energy is still fully present and once again…
What else can I add? Feel free to add it yourself though, if you have something important to say!
The ride goes on with “Lost, But Still Alive” which won’t really stick in your mind for the first couple of times you listen to it. Yet it’s still a very solid track nevertheless.
Adrenalize” was this surprising moment on “Chaotic Nation” for me. A nicely flowing track that doesn’t necessarily stick out, but the chorus has indeed some potential of becoming a part of something I usually call “party-song” – which “Adrenalize” isn’t and it’s not a bad thing.

Then we’ve got “The Evil Lives In The Shadows” which is indeed quite interesting musically, but doesn’t really stand out when compared to the rest of the album. Same kinda goes for “Revolt For Redemption”.
And so we got to the end of “Chaotic Nation”…
The last track’s called “Scream” and if you expected some whiny ballad to sum this album up… Entwine definitely surprised you with this one.




I probably said it earlier, but… “Chaotic Nation” was one of these albums that met all my expectations and I’m overall satisfied with it.
I knew what to expect from the start and everything what I wanted to hear was present.
You won’t find songs that would really stand out from the row here… Everything’s nicely brushed down, forming an unity of songs that isn’t chaotic at all. But most importantly, Entwine are back with a sound stronger than ever before.
Chaotic Nation” is so close to 10 it actually hurts.
And it’s a perfect album for productive moments too!

Personal favorites:

  • Fortune Falls
  • As We Arise
  • Adrenalize
  • Scream


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Written by M. Nyman – September 2015

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