Engel – Raven Kings

Released: 28.11.2014 SWE

In 2012, Gothenburg’s Engel amazed us by their third studio effort “Blood Of Saints”. Later that year the band announced the departure of their lead singer Magnus Klavborn and Mikael Sehlin of Degradead took over the duties as vocalist for Engel.
Raven Kings” was released on the 28th November 2014 and represents the band in a brand new light. And what do I have to say about it?

It all starts out with “Salvation”. And after hearing the first tones, you can be sure that there isn’t any better track to open “Raven Kings”. The chorus of this strong opener will amaze you as well as everything else you hear… The harmonies… Everything fits together.
With “Salvation”, you can already say that the new sound of Engel reminds you a bit of In Flames in their earlier years. You’re not really wrong there. I feel the same about it. And if it’s necessarily a bad thing? You decide!
Your Shadow Haunts You” is the track number 2 and on the first listen, it has more of an Engel vibe to it. And hell, Mikael Sehlin proved his point in the band. The song itself has everything a good Melodic Death Metal song needs. Strong, shouted verses… Heavy riffs… A catchy clean-sung choruses… Simply everything. The only negative thing about “Your Shadow Haunts You” is, that it’s too short with it’s 2:44 duration. But in those 2 minutes and 44 seconds Engel packed everything in it.

The song you’re about to hear next also belongs to the troupe of rather In Flames-esque songs. “Denial” makes your head bang and I shouldn’t forget to mention the band’s new drummer Oscar Nilsson, who delivers some killer work on this record.
Track 4. “Fading Light” reminds you more of what we heard from Engel in the past. But with a brand new, harder hitting attitude to it. Definitely another favorite. Another song worth hearing.
Hell, the whole album is worth taking a listen to!
I could just call it quits here and tell you that you should pick “Raven Kings” up in the record shop of your trust and listen to it yourself, but no. I won’t do that.

My Dark Path” feels like if you would hear some kind of a mash between older In Flames material and Engel. It definitely sounds awesome. Just as the darker “I Am The Answer”. Engel’s answer to Progressive Metal. But then “When The World Burns” blasts away, caring for another awesome head banging moment when listening to “Raven Kings”.
How much I wish seeing these guys live again at this point…
End Of Days” and “Sanctuary” follow… Being nothing else than just killer tracks… Beating every single word out from you… And that’s what “Raven Kings” is all about. End of line.
Broken Pieces” follow… And “Hollow Soul” represents a grandious ending to “Raven Kings”.

A slight style change never necessarily means something bad. And Engel proved this again with their 4th album “Raven Kings”. Getting away from Industrial elements definitely did great and Engel sounds better and heavier than ever before.
At first I was a bit skeptical about this album, but the more I listened to “Raven Kings” the more I loved it and… The full rating is more than deserved.
And you… You really go and get Engel’s new album from the record shop of your trust.

Personal favorites:

  • Salvation
  • Your Shadow Haunts You
  • I Am The Answer
  • When The World Burns


Take a listen:

Written by M. Nyman – December 2014

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