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Released: 18.05.2012 SWE

Sweden’s Göteborg (or Gothenburg. As you like it) is considered as the capital city of Melodic Death Metal with bands like In Flames or Marionette coming from this city. One of another notable band from this city is also Engel who released their third album entitled “Blood Of Saints” in May 2012. How much is this record different from the band’s previous jawdropper “Threnody”? You just have to read the following review.

The album starts with the first single of the album called “Question Your Place”. It’s a powerful Metal party-song and you hear that Engel used some electronic elements on “Blood Of Saints”.
Dubstep combined with Metal is some good shit. That’s maybe the best sentence how I would describe the opener of this album. And as I might have mentioned in a previous review, an album you automatically start to headbang to is automatically a good album. And Jimmy Olausson’s powerful drumming takes it all to a higher level especially in this song.

Then we have another ‘in your face’-experience with “Frontline”. It’s a song for pure headbanging, no matter if you’re in the first row or somewhere else… Engel prove many times, that they are great on records as well as live and I can confirm that, seeing this Swedish band live.
Not much less epic but somewhat slower track “Feel Afraid” comes up with outstanding guitar work by the two guitarists Niclas Engelin and Marcus Sunesson and great clean vocals by the band’s former singer Magnus Klavborn who decided to part ways with the band in late 2012.

Numb” is the next song, as powerful as all the other tracks you’ll find on this album, consisting of great drumming, other great instrumental quality and mainly shouting vocals.
The following track is called “Cash King” and begins with a kinda synthie-intro but develops into another Modern Metal anthem with a great solo interlude.
No Engel album would go without a slower song like “One Good Thing” is. Reminding me strongly of “In The End” on “Threnody”, also “One Good Thing ” is focused mainly on the female fans with its catchiness. Not saying that the other songs aren’t catchy, but this one has its special way of it that girls enjoy. Also here, you’ll find that small Dubstep-influence.

After a touching piece another face-melter comes, titled after the album. “Blood Of Saints” is again based on shouts by Magnus Klavborn and his cleans in the chorus. Another notable thing about the music is again that significant drumming and the main riff, making it all more epic than it already is.
Down To Nothing” has again some Dubstep elements in it, but everything is fitting in its own way. The song has a great and strong chorus, containing catchy synth parts which are, however, not overused and are giving to the song a stronger In Flames feeling.

The next song is “Drama Queen” and has again those synths in it, but only in verses and the chorus sounds again, anthem-like.
In Darkness” is a song I already knew before the release of this album. I have to admit, that I liked the older version better with more choir samples by Hellmans Drengar. The mixing and sampling is a bit weird, but hey, the chorus is one of the best and powerful ones I’ve heard in 2012 and as whole, the song is completely kicking ass!

A good conclusion for “Blood Of Saints” is “Journeys End”. It really is a great end for a journey like “Blood Of Saints” was.  Great riffs, drumming and catchy chorus is that, what you’ll find in this perfect song.


Engel are one of those bands who never disappoint. Unfortunately their lead singer Magnus Klavborn departed from the band in November 2012 and this enormous hole was later filled by Mikael Sehlin of Degradead-fame.

Blood Of Saints” is a great album I recommend to everyone who likes some modern spirit in Metal. It’s a really enjoyable piece of music and it’s never missing in my CD collection although on “Threnody” I found more single-like tracks, but it doesn’t matter as both albums never get old and the listening enjoyment of “Blood Of Saints” is one of the highest from all albums I reviewed in 2012.
Engel more than deserved a full rating for their third studio effort.

Personal Favorites:
  • Question Your Place
  • Journeys End
  • One Good Thing
  • In Darkness


Take a Listen:

Written by Misha Nyman, December 2012 – Edited July 2014

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