Engel – Abandon All Hope

Released: 11/05/2018 SWE |

When I first heard this record I was a little bit scared and excited at the same time. Melodic Metal was my favorite genre in the early years and with great honor I introduce you to the latest album of the Swedish melodic death metal band Engel called “Abandon All Hope“.

The album opens along with a slightly darker track called “The Darkest Void” – You can watch the video here! Oh yeah, the title and my opinions are the same, that’s quite funny, but let’s get back to the album. The other two tracks which bear the name “The Legacy of Nothing“and “Book of Lies“are dynamically different from the each other,  but absolutely will catch your attention and make you stay to listen to the whole album.

As I Fall” welcomes us with romantic guitar tones and after a few seconds you’ll get to hear some symphonic atmosphere which gets transferred onto the other track that goes by the name “Buried“.

“Right now, I am staying here…”

Including dynamism and melodicity, it’s important to mention the versatile vocal range of Engel’s vocalist Mikael Sehlin whose strength will show in tracks “Untouchable“and “Death Reversed“. If you are one of the true lovers of vocal art, you will enjoy “Across the Abyss“. The whole album is more of a harder genre so it is surprising when you start listen the album’s name-giving track “Abandon All Hope“, which introduces the more Alternative side of the band’s music. It’s almost like a beautiful mystery.

Other impressive songs are “Gallows Tree“and “The Condemned“.  I don’t want to destroy your surprise. So go and take a listen to “Abandon All Hope“, enjoy it and share it. It’s within your hands, your ears and in your heart.



Take a listen: 

Personal favorites:

Gallows Tree
Across the Abys