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Ember Falls is a band I don’t really need to introduce to our frequent readers anymore. Your Dead Partner has already reported from the band’s show in Prague in May 2016 and we’ve also featured a few singles in the past. Now, Ember Falls have released their debut record “Welcome To Ember Falls” and let’s admit that this record belongs to the most anticipated releases of 2017.
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The Cost Of Doing Business” will kick you into the right mood. It’s an dynamic opener which gets more interesting with every listen. And expect to hear a really catchy chorus! But is this the only thing the record has to offer? Well, wait until you hear “Falling Rain” – I think we have the first highlight here! Ember Falls seem to bring something new to their genre and it’s up to you to find out what it is. From extraordinary songwriting to explosive arrangements… It’s all here.
I don’t think I heard a more innovative Metal band. At least not in the last five years.

If you thought that “Welcome To Ember Falls” lacks some Electronic elements, this is the song for you! “Of Letting Go” keeps up with the attitude of the previous tracks, while being slightly more danceable – is that a thing? Anyway, you will enjoy this particular track if you’re looking for something melodic.
The next piece will probably end up on your favorite-songs-list sooner than you’ll expect. With “The Enemy You Need” the band brings some futuristic approach to the sound and surprisingly enough, it all is very natural. There are tons of bands who tried to blend Electro with Metal in the past, but how many of them were truly enjoyable?

Freedom” is the title of the next captivating moment on this record, which will have pretty much the same in-your-face-effect on you even though it’s a ballad. The only thing that didn’t really add up to the experience were the female background vocals, but other than that… It was refreshing.
Until now, you don’t have to question the musical variety of “Welcome To Ember Falls”.
COE” follows and you’ve probably heard about this one from us before! I think we even labeled it as “Party Metal” or something. Why not? The chorus is still funky as hell but it gets more epic with “Rising Tide”, which is the ultimate Ember Falls track – you can check out the video here.

If you want one song to get familiar with the band’s music, be sure to check this one out first – “Rising Tide” takes more than I have words.

Look at this! We’re getting another eye-opener! “Welcome To Ember Falls” suddenly takes a slightly Nu Metal twist with “Open Your Eyes” and its rapped verses. Did you expect that? I didn’t! And why do I think that this is what Dead By April would sound like if they’d be fucking hostile?

One More Time” is another piece that needs to be heard and not only for it’s absolutely amazing chorus and the ones who are familiar with Ember Falls for a bit longer will definitely know the next track. It’s “Shut Down With Me” and it was released around August 2015, but later taken down and re-released in May 2016 via Spinefarm/Universal Records. Well, “Shut Down With Me” opened up this chapter for the band and it’s one of the songs that reflects everything Ember Falls is about. Excellent songwriting, melodic and memorable choruses and fierce guitar riffs and solos. What else could you wish for?

It all ends with “The Lamb Lies Down In Sacrifice” and here you’ll get everything summed up. With an unexpected twist.




I have known this band for five years already (note: Ember Falls was previously known as Mekanism – different times, different band), their debut proves that they have come a very long way since and they have my uttermost respect.
If Ember Falls is not the next big thing for Finnish Metal, then I don’t know who is.
On this record, there’s everything you need to be happy. “Welcome To Ember Falls” has the needed variety, you can also hear quite some “hit-songs” on it and it’s enormously enjoyable.
It’s an album you should definitely check out if you feel that Metal needs something revolutionary. There isn’t anything comparable coming from Finland lately, is it?
Anyway, the only thing that refrains “Welcome To Ember Falls” from getting the full rating is that I just didn’t feel some kind of an deep emotional connection to it aka “the special something” (And yes, our rating system got updated and it’s more strict.)

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Personal favorites:

  • Of Letting Go
  • Rising Tide
  • One More Time
  • Shut Down With Me

★★★★★★★★★☆ – ALMOST PERFECT.


Written by Misha Nyman-Sramkova. February 2017.

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