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“A wrench thrown in the system”
Ember Falls (FI) in Exit-Us, Prague (CZE) – 20/05/2016

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DISCLAIMER: If any of this stops making sense… Blame it on my tinnitus spike and the fact that it’s 3 a.m. while I’m writing this! 

The up and coming Metal act Ember Falls from Finland visited Prague during their Shut Down With Me Tour and yeah, we informed you about this some time ago.
But if you couldn’t make it to Prague on that night, don’t worry. We were there to cover it and here it is…

The evening kicked off with a band from Prague (?) called Emphasis (?) or Empathic (?) – Yeah, they were so awesome that I forgot their name right away.
But whatever, the sound of Empathic/Emphasis kinda reminded me of an unlistenable version of the Finnish band Velcra. I’m not sure if that’s what they intended. (EDIT: I cared enough to look up their name. It was Emphatic. Basically Empathic written wrong. Uhuh.)

But hey, let’s get away from opening acts, okay?
Ember Falls was the real deal and what we could witness on the stage really spoke for itself.

The band delivered a strong and energetic set, featuring the friendly-hit-in-your-face-track “Shut Down With Me” as well as one song from the time when Ember Falls was known as Mekanism (I’m talking about “The End Of Fear”).
The venue just didn’t make justice to the music audi
The reaction of the audience was quite overwhelming for the fact, that the band is practically unknown here in this area (AT/CZE) but hey, I have the feeling that this is going to change sooner or later.
Ember Falls established an imago for themselves that people will remember them by and that’s more important than one can think it actually is. At least nowadays.

And there’s another thing I’d like to add… Just few meters away from Exit-Us, in the huge ice-hockey arena, there was a Mumford & Sons show going on and such situations are never good for bands playing in local clubs.
But in the end, I think everybody who went to see Ember Falls had a better time. Trust me.


PS: Fuck Replugged. You know, that venue in Vienna. Fuck it.  


Ember Falls should be on the must-see-list of anyone who enjoys Metal with a Modern twist. We approve & recommend.

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