Disco Ensemble – Warriors

Released: 21.09.2012 FIN 

Disco Ensemble belong to the more popular Finnish bands in the Alternative Rock genre and gained also international success by touring in Europe and after releasing a bunch of solid albums, 2012 was also a successful year for the 4 guys from Finland. “Warriors”, the band’s fifth studio album, was released in September 2012 and now you’ll get to know what I have to say about this album.

Warriors” starts with a rather funny sounding intro and after that, the hit single “Second Soul” comes with its catchy tunes. Getting airplay in Finland, we can really say that Disco Ensemble developed their sound into the more radio oriented way. Nothing negative here. The song kicks ass anyway!
Too Much Feeling” is the title of the next song starting with the typical guitar playing of Jussi Ylikoski which is also typical for the band’s sound. Overall, it’s a solid and nice song. Not their best though.

Eartha Kitt” comes next and kicks off with the typical guitar work once again and synths and develops into a hard hitting, energetic but still melodic Rock song. Then we have “I’ve Seen The Future” starting with Mikko Hakila’s drumming. It’s another energetic song, which can also get stuck in your mind. Notable are also Lasse Lindfors’ bass lines in this song which are as always: Great!
With Every Step” is a really memorable piece and it belongs to my favorites on this album with its heavier riffs in the chorus. Actually it’s also a good example of Disco Ensemble’s regular sound.

After this good song, “Hologram” comes up. Nothing really impressive.
Spade Is The Anti-Heart” is but somewhat better and more powerful than the previous track. Again, significant drumming and bass lines in the verses and a groovy chorus. Just great!
Chinese Sword” starts faster than you can notice and forces somebody to write this review even faster. But it’s a solid song but it’s apparently too fast that you notice that it’s actually there.
1000 Years” follows. Nearly as powerful as “Spade Is The Anti-Heart”.
The closing track of “Warriors” is called “Your Shadow” and you could compare that with some material of the album “The Island Of Disco Ensemble”, released in 2010. Over and out, it’s also a good song making out the perfect ending for a record like this.

Warriors”. A solid album. A grower. Not really comparable with earlier Disco Ensemble albums, but yet strong and fresh. That’s “Warriors”.
And nothing more.

Personal favorites:

  • Second Soul
  • Eartha Kitt
  • With Every Step
  • Spade Is the Anti-Heart


Take a Listen:

Written by Misha Nyman, December 2012 – Edited August 2014

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