The Question Of The Afterlife – Disco Ensemble live in Munich

06/04/2017 – Kranhalle, Feierwerk  |

According to Your Dead Partner, Disco Ensemble belongs to the Top 3 Best Live Bands from Finland. The band originally from the town of Ulvila headed on an extensive Germany-tour to promote their brand new record “Afterlife” – read our review HERE! – and one of the stops lead them to Munich.

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Let’s not lose any time about this 3 am report. There weren’t any supporting acts on the roster that evening, so we had an early show – Good for me, after all I needed to drive back to Salzburg the same night.

Disco Ensemble kicked off their show with “This Is My Head Exploding” from the 2005 hit-album “First Aid Kit”, delivering energetic vibes all over the Kranhalle. Yes, this Finnish band has actually reached a big popularity level in Germany and that’s nice to see.
This Is My Head Exploding” was followed by the lead-single of “Afterlife”. Yes, we’re talking about “Fight Forever” and if you already liked the studio version of that one… Well, you’ll dig it live twice as much. The crowds in Munich were about to hear “Spade Is The Anti-Heart” next. Super-geil, as German people say.

Tracks like “Second Soul”, “Headphones” and “We Might Fall Apart(Did you know that Rubik covered this one?) couldn’t be missing on the set and Disco Ensemble proved to be one of those bands you have to see at least once in your life. The energy is always captivating and there are a few bands that can keep up on this level, but more about that in another article.

The only thing that bothered me was, that we just heard only five songs from the new record (“Reality”, “Fight Forever”, “Afterlife”, “Das Boot” and “Face Down In A Fountain”). Hell, I’d have enjoyed hearing that anthem called “Hardcore People” that night… But “Beacon” was alright too. I didn’t expect hearing that one in the first place!

Another aspect of the band’s performance was the stage lighting. Huge kudos to the light tech, photographing this was like a dream come true. I’m serious. Even though the strobes were blinding me at times, when I wasn’t working. – I was hanging around on an elevated spot to get away from the crowds. Yes, it has something to do with my claustrophobia.

Anyway, Disco Ensemble delivered a fantastic performance in Munich, topping it off with “Black Euro”, “I’ve Seen The Future” from “Warriors” and “Stun Gun”, leaving the audience wanting more… Well, guess you’ll need to check out some Finnish summer festivals if you can’t get enough of this band.



★★★★☆ // The setlist was okay, expected more from “Afterlife”.

Disco Ensemble is the perfect band for anyone who still enjoys raw and genuine live music. This band’s performance is always full of contagious energy and in the end you’re leaving the venue in a very good mood.
Believe me, there are only three Finnish bands that can truly do that. And Disco Ensemble is one of those.



Photos & Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova


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