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It is here.
Soon-to-become five years after the release of their fifth record “Warriors”, they are back with a brand new album.
Yes, you guessed it, today we’ll take a listen to “Afterlife” by Disco Ensemble and we will not waste any time with this introductory paragraph anymore and have a track-by-track analysis of the anticipated “Afterlife”, you okay with that?

It all starts with “Reality”. An opener, which will tell you, that “Afterlife” isn’t just another Disco Ensemble album. It feels to be different from everything you heard from this band in the past and it might even come off as a grower for some. It’s refreshing to hear something new from this band again.
The next tune will be familiar to you though! It’s the first single “Fight Forever” and I admit this one was playing a bit too much in our office during crisis meetings. It’s an ultimate anthem for harder times and if you thought that “Fight Forever” told you everything this record is about… You’re awfully wrong.

Disappear” comes up, bringing another catchy chorus with it. A true highlight. Check it out fro yourself! And if you expect the title track to retain the same vibe of the previous tracks… Well, you’ll be surprised! “Afterlife” shows off the more experimental side of this record and… Why did the intro loosely remind me of the song “Da Da Da” by that one German band called Trio? Anyway, “Afterlife” is a song to remember. Trust me.
The second single taken off “Afterlife” bears the name “Nothing More” and it’s an okay track. It didn’t piss me off, or anything. It didn’t really catch me at the first listen either and I wonder why… There’s something typically Disco Ensemble-ish on “Nothing More”, but you’ll just need a few listens to uncover what it is. The more you listen to this track, the better it gets. It’s simple.

You know… We need more shock value too! And that’s the part for “Das Boot”! Besides the feeling that this song is out of place here, you’ll get a ridiculously funky synth melody that will stick to your mind. Now go listen to this one and tell me what your first impressions were!

“Hardcore times need Hardcore People” – And so Disco Ensemble hit the nail on the head. The sing-along factor here is enormous and you just want to open the windows and blast this one loudly for the rest of the world to hear. Amen to “Hardcore People”!
And it all continues with another blast into your head. I kinda had mixed feelings about “Face Down In A Fountain” in the beginning, but it turns out to be the most-Metal track on “Afterlife”. And forgetting to mention the tight guitar work would be a crime.
Now… Do you still expect to hear real Disco? Well, there you have it. “Surround Me” offers synths screaming 80s Disco right at you. But don’t worry, there’s more to this track than this!

Talking about synths… The one you’ll hear in “Too Deep” will annoy you to the point it will spoil the whole song for you. If that doesn’t happen, be happy. Otherwise… Well, it’s a great one. Just forget about the synth.
And after all that… There’s “Midnight”. A lovely end to “Afterlife”, which has a few surprises for you. You’ll find out! Having said all of that… Disco Ensemble are back and they are stronger than ever.



If this review would be German, it’d definitely say that “Afterlife” is a “Meisterstück in pissgelb” – transl. A masterpiece in an ugly shade of yellow.

It’s way too early to say if “Afterlife” is the best Disco Ensemble album ever.
While the 2012 effort “Warriors” was the band’s most sophisticated album, “Afterlife” clearly aims to be that one experimental record which changed the way you look at their music – Which it definitely did. In a good way, of course.
This record has something for you to remember and it is delivered in a form of a friendly punch to your face.

And if you want to know how all of this feels live, be sure to catch Disco Ensemble live in Munich’s Kranhalle on 8th April 2017. We will be there.

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Personal favorites:

  • Fight Forever
  • Disappear
  • Afterlife
  • Hardcore People

★★★★★★★★☆☆ // VERY GOOD. Nothing else to add here. (Note that this is more like 8.5 than 8!)


Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. January 2017.

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