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Release: 24/02/2017 FIN  |  Humu Records  |

Detour 33’s debut studio album, Tamed by Fear, is set to be released on February 24th 2017. The album is a collection of musically filled murky crime drama, Film Noir, as well as nostalgic scenes of the Finnish summer.

Detour 33 is a road, and its story begins from the crossroad of three guitarists. Markus Väisänen has an exceptional ability to play the most delicate tones, to gently lift and descent the images and whispers of the mind. His musical palette combines our own Finnish melodic heritage and Americana. Väisänen started composing the material with his previous group Taipale. Now in Detour 33 the material has found a worthy co-painter from Juuso Kolho. The holy trinity is completed with Jarkka Rissanen, an artist who has made an eventful and colorful journey as a Finnish songwriter.

Welcome to another album review! Today we will check out the upcoming debut album “Tamed By Fear” by Detour 33, which is a band from Kuopio you most likely haven’t heard about just yet.
But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here and we’re gonna bring you a little bit closer to the music of this band. So… What does “Tamed By Fear” sound like?

Back Home” opens the record in a great way. It’s melancholic, but there’s something that makes this track incredibly energetic and unique at the same time. It indeed feels like coming home after a long time. And in case it’s not obvious after the first song… Don’t expect to hear any vocals on this record.
The next piece got me smiling mainly because of its title. “Ballad Of A Stabbed Girl” might be the best song name of 2017 and it has a lot to offer. It’s Jazzy and I could even find some minor Post-Rock-ish elements. If there’s any reason you should check out “Tamed By Fear”, it’s the outstanding guitar-work.

It gets a little bit dramatic and dark with “Drifters Waltz” and at this point you just can’t be sure what to expect from Detour 33. There is a variety of sounds and the following track “Sleeping With .44” proves it with its almost-Rock N’ Roll vibe.
The Barn” will catch your attention too. This one is rather minimalistic, but that’s the thing that makes this one so effective. Just check it out yourself!

What else do Detour 33 offer on their debut record? The title track “Tamed By Fear” is something I like to call a highlight. There’s something weirdly fascinating about this piece, one of the most fascinating things being the drums that just spice it up! So if you want to know what Detour 33 is all about, just check out this track. It will answer all your questions.
The album comes to its final turns with “Royal Sorrow” and… Why the hell am I thinking of Sentenced now? Is “Royal Sorrow” something they would do? Probably. Who knows? Or maybe it’s just the mood of this track… And before you can make up your mind, it’s all over.
Tamed By Fear” is a ride. An interesting one.




Detour 33 is probably the most unique band I came across in the last few months and their debut album is surprisingly great. Every track has its own way and style, which makes it complex, but enjoyable at the same time. It even has some rather unexpected twists too and since “Tamed By Fear” isn’t out yet, I wouldn’t like to give everything away. The only thing you need to know is, that it’s definitely a record to look out for if you truly care about music. 24th February is the date!

Personal favorites:

  • Back Home
  • The Barn
  • Tamed By Fear

★★★★★★★★☆☆ // VERY GOOD. Nothing else to add here.

Written by: YDP Collective / January 2017

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