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Released: 27/04/2017  SWE  |

What would you expect from a record called “Discovery”? I’d expect to hear something innovative under this title. And do you know what all of this means? Well, the Swedish band Demotional just brought out their third record and it all sounds very promising.
Welcome to another coffee-induced review. Let’s go and check this record out, what do you think?

We got an opener called “What Have We Become”, which is very Dead-By-April-esque in the beginning (Didn’t Demotional support them on some tour?), but more dramatic, heavier and dynamic. It’s a solid track that won’t necessarily make you stand up from your seats in awe. It’s straight-forward and moderately interesting. You’ve simply heard something like this too many times.
It’s self-explanatory that the next song ended up as an single. Everything gets slightly more exciting with “Ashes” – an indeed huge step forward when compared to the past material of this band. And a chorus like this is something I’d like to hear in Metal more often.
All That It Takes” follows and it seems like we’re back at the Dead By April clone corner, read description of track number one… Or is it just me? Maybe this style is just real popular in Sweden? Again, for some reason this track has nothing much to offer and all you can say after hearing it is “Nice… Now what’s next?”.

Oh, here’s “Discovery” getting interesting again, the intro of the next track called “Monster(Why must nearly every band have a song called “Monster”? Isn’t that theme too mainstream?) will fire up your hopes big times, so just take a listen yourself, if you dare. I’m just gonna add that the female vocals were a bit cringeworthy. Let’s be honest, it didn’t add anything to the song.
I was kinda skeptical when hearing “Overload” for the first time, since this piece is something you heard a thousand times from thousand different bands in this genre. But there was still something catchy about the chorus and that was about it. Add a generic breakdown and you’re ready to go. There’s a special place for songs like this one in hell. Get the pun? Good. If not, just go and listen to this track. You might get it then. Add a winking smiley-face here.
So… We got an album called “Discovery” here, but we’re not having any real musical discoveries here. Is this even possible to re-discover this genre? Asking the real question.
Anyway, the next song is called “If You Believe” and I thought it’s gonna be a cover of some Pop before hearing it. (I’m sorry for saying that. My bad…) It turned out to be surprisingly fine though.

Discovery” almost feels like I’m listening to the same track over and over again. You know, until now there was nothing that would make the individual songs stand out for themselves – Well, except for “Ashes”, of course. On “Mimic” you got a very impressive guitar solo, but that’s about it. Still, you can hear an attempt at variation in the chorus, so let’s add it to the list of personal favorites.
Moving on to “Carry On”. Are we at the better part of this record? Seems like it. This track managed to turn everything around. It sounds like something closer to what I expected from this record in the first.
We got some cool guitar work going on, a catchy (but not entirely memorable) chorus and some nice synth tracks in the background. What more could you want now?
Train Wreck” comes up next and yup, I was right, we’re indeed at the better part of this record and it looks like Demotional saved the best tracks for last. Makes sense, cause the wow-effect is strong here.
Discovery” is coming to its end with the track “One Hour Stranger” which manages to put an ending to this record in a good way. It’s not really groundbreaking, yet the effect of the chorus is so fucking big, you’d just go and take a listen to this song again just to reassure yourself.



Demotional delivered an okay record with “Discovery”. There’s a very unexpected twist happening during the last four tracks of this album where everything turns to the better, but the overall impression is, that “Discovery” doesn’t offer much on variety in the songwriting and everything simply sounds identical. You won’t be able to find a real hit song here, but the enjoyment-factor of this record is quite high though. It’s a cool album when you’re not focusing on the details. There’s nothing bothering about the music, everything is well balanced and nothing sticks out from the crowd. It’s something to listen on your day off, for example…
Discovery” is a solid record. Nothing more and nothing less.
It’s a record that won’t disappoint you in any way, but you’ll have to let it grow on you in order to make the real discoveries here.

Take A Listen:


Personal Favorites:

  • Ashes
  • Mimic
  • Carry On

★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ //  OK. A solid record.


Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. May 2017.

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