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Released: 10/08/2016 CZE

After approx. 16 years, Demimonde are back with a new, and this time conceptual, album Cygnus Oddyssey, creating again, and playing live again, a comprehensively orchestrated, unorthodox and multi-layered metal music, filled with dark moods, robotic sounds, ambience, instrumental outpourings, unconventional structures and journeys from the outermost depths across uncharted galaxies to nowhere and back.

Demimonde are an Avantgarde Experimental Metal band from my hometown Prague, and to be honest, I never heard of them until recently. That’s probably because their hiatus that lasted 16 years, but anyway! This Czech band has released their third record “Cygnus Odysseey” this August and we’re about to find out what you can expect. Stick with us and get ready to hear something unorthodox!

The Prelude “The Final Destiny” hints at a more futuristic direction of the record and “The Generation Ship” is coming like a friendly punch to your face with its Industrial-styled intro with few Symphonic elements. And indeed, the promo-text was right, it’s very unconventional.
You might not really understand what Demimonde are singing about, due to the heavy effect used on the vocals, but it just fits the style.
Cygnus Oddyssey” continues with “Event Horizon” which reminded me of a little bit of Ihsahn to an extent… Or maybe I’m wrong, but still, “Event Horizon” is the track you should look out for if you want to get a taste of what Demimonde is about.

If you’re into some electronic sounds, then “Te Kore” might be your catch. This track is quite multifaceted and it will take you on a ride ranging from aggressive roaring to a sophisticated Black-Metalesque riff with a lovely synth part in the background.
Since “Cygnus Oddyssey” is a concept album, it’s more than expected that there will be a interlude-track at some point. Well, here it is! “Data Breed” is the kind of the piece you don’t really wanna hear when you’re alone in the dark somewhere since it’s on the creepier side thanks to that robotic vocoder and its eerie atmosphere.

And then you get to hear “Singularity (Absolute Word Explanation)” and… Was that a saxophone in the intro? Let’s all scream “SHINING!” in unison!
Apart from that, this song is rather solid. There’s nothing much that could surprise you all too much by now. And yeah, I think it’s clear that Demimonde are one-of-a-kind band in the Czech Metal scene. At least I didn’t hear anything comparable in the genre that could keep up.
Laval Formation” however, will surprise you with a funky bassline and an almost Neo-Jazzy synth (Again I just want to scream “SHINING!” at this), but then it just gets brutal. Check it out for yourself if you want to get convinced.

But soon it all comes to an end with the headstrong “Dark Matter” and if it happens to you that you don’t fully concentrate on the music, you could get a little bit lost in these complex soundscapes. Other than that… Kinda impressive!




Cygnus Oddyssey” sounds unexpectedly good for a record coming from a Czech band. It’s well produced but still you should want to take a listen with your headphones on. You know, it’s not an average record and you’re required to follow everything that’s happening there in order to enjoy it. The first listen won’t get you at all, but the more you spend time with the record, the better it gets.
Demimonde are kinda like a Czech answer to the overly technical Avant-garde Metal bands originating from the Northern countries and as I mentioned earlier, there aren’t many bands on the same musical level as Demimonde.

Cygnus Oddyssey” came out as a digibook including a comic, so that’s another aspect which lets us say that there was a lot of thought behind this. And that’s what we appreciate the most.

Personal Favorites:

  • Event Horizon
  • Te Kore
  • Laval Formation

Take A Listen:


★★★★★★★★☆☆ // VERY GOOD. Nothing else to add here.


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