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Released: 06/11/2015 HRV

Now here’s something I’m sure you haven’t heard about yet!
Today we’re gonna take a listen to “Morbid Spiritual Illness” by the Croatian band Defiant.
They’re around since 2005 and recently they changed their style from Melodic Death Metal to pure Death/Black Metal. Yes, there is an difference between those sub-genres.
Let’s start out with the review, shall we?

Defiant’s “Morbid Spiritual Illness” starts with an instrumental intro called “The Awakening” which flows into “Origen”. By now we can already tell why there’s the word “Morbid” in the album title.
Anyway, “Origen” is a straight-forward Black Metal track that doesn’t offer anything ground-breaking besides the controversial lyrics (as seen in the lyric video which you can check out HERE).
But hey, it’s 2016 and nobody is shocked by this anymore!
Pandurea Neagra” follows and surprises you a pretty neat riff, but that’s basically all it has to offer.

The next thing coming at you bears the name “Har Sinai” and it doesn’t really have anything that could make it a stand-out track. That changes with “Flesh Is Nothing” which finally shows some potential. Same thing goes for “The Gospel Of Ninevah”.
With “Empty Chords” Defiant finally abandon the monotonous red line pulled through the album and we can finally hear something different and actually enjoyable. Did we wait 7 tracks for this highlight to come? Oh yes, we did.

Morbid Spiritual Illness” follows with “Earth Cancer” and I really want to make a really bad pun here, but I’m not a mean person and will keep that one pun for myself. “Earth Cancer” didn’t impress me and at this point I had the feeling, that most of the tracks found on this album sound quite similar. There’s nothing that could make the songs stand out for themselves and there’s nothing that could make the songs memorable. Is that what Black Metal is about? I’m not sure.
Abnegation” comes up next and what you’ll hear is… Okay.

Surprisingly enough, the closing track of “Morbid Spiritual Illness” actually showed the much needed potential again. “Elusive Serpent” formed a pretty neat ending to the record and it pretty much summed it all up. It left us screaming for diversity.




With “Morbid Spiritual Illness”, Defiant managed to bring out a rather average album in its style.
Everything you heard was predictable and what I lacked the most was some diversity between the songs. At some point I had the feeling of listening to the same track over and over again and that’s not exactly what I look for in a record. The only exception was on “Empty Chords”. Hm.
But if you stop paying attention to all the details which you have to care about when reviewing, it’s a good album to get things done with.

Personal favorites:

  • Flesh Is Nothing
  • The Gospel Of Ninevah
  • Empty Chords

Take A Listen:




Written by Nyman-Sramkova. April 2016.

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