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Released: 30/09/2016 FIN – Concorde Music Company

“Death Is Liberty – a band which aim is to compose and perform music with no boundaries, under statement: No limits! Love in music!

This Jyväskylä based “prog-metal-alternative-quartet” and someone said “hard to categorize band” is ready to release their debut album “A Statement Darkness” in September 30th 2016. This “less technical, more emotional” album presents full scale palette of songs of faith and devotion – in music and in lyrics.“

With a promo text like this, you can be more than 100% sure that your music will end up reviewed on Your Dead Partner.
Music with no boundaries? No limits? Love in music? Count me right in, because that’s the right attitude!

Death Is Liberty made a great first impression and now we’re here to tell you something about their upcoming debut record.
So how does ”A Statement Darkness“ sound? Let’s find out!

The opener ”To The End“ brings a dark, but still energetic mood with it, being very unusual when you’re new to the band’s music, but eventually you’ll get into it! Trust me.
In the end it gets quite epic and yes, whoever said that Death Is Liberty is “hard to categorize” was right.
Continuing with “Quiet Tides”, you’ll get to hear a completely different side of the band’s music. It has a memorable song structure and it’s rather melodic too. It’s a solid track.
Mrs. Nothing Wrong” comes along almost like an unexpected hit to your face, filled with angsty guitar riffs. This one is probably the most aggressive track on “A Statement Darkness” and the first track to really impress me.
Death Is Liberty showcase every facet of their musical ability on their debut album in a very interesting kind.

It all goes on with “Hero Of The Other Way” and now we’re getting to the more Alternative Metal side. After all, “alternative” means doing something in “other ways” to me, so that was a very fitting name!
If you want to check out this band, but you’re not sure what to expect from album, “Hero Of The Other Way” would be one of the tracks I’d advise you to listen first. This one sums it up nicely. And oh, there’s a guitar solo as well! Just sayin’.
From Hollow” continues and it’s indeed a “tricky tune”. You might make that “what-the-fuck-face” at the first listen, but this one will grow on you the more time you spend with the album.

Death Is Liberty will surprise you on “A Defendant”, introducing you to the Doom Metal-esque side of “A Statement Darkness”. “A Defendant” is melancholic and beautiful… In its own different way.
Track number seven bears the name “Calf”, which is probably that highlight-moment which keeps up with the melancholy of the previous track to some extent.
It’s becoming obvious that we’re getting dragged deeper down to the darkness here.

Until The Morning Comes” is right another song that shouldn’t be missed and I found myself adoring the band’s instrumental parts at this point.
And if there wasn’t enough darkness for you, then “Underdog” is here to give you a daily dose of melancholy, void and almost-depression. Check out the video here. Then you might understand what I’m talking about.
During the last moments of “Underdog” you even have the poem “Alaspainettu” narrated by Timo Rautiainen. What else do you fucking want?




Death Is Liberty is not just another band from Finland. Not at all. We were promised to hear music without any boundaries and without limits. And guess what? We got it – and “A Statement Darkness” is a proof of that.
Being original, different and not afraid to experiment are the most important factors in music and Death Is Liberty have them all.
All my expectations were even exceeded and trust me, this doesn’t happen all the time!
A Statement Darkness” is a bold statement. Darkness included.
Welcome to the world of DIL!

Reminder: The album is released October 7th worldwide and in Finland September 30th.

Personal Favorites:

  • Hero Of The Other Way
  • Calf
  • Until The Morning Comes
  • Underdog

Take A Listen:
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Written by Misha Nyman-Sramkova. September 2016.

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