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“…Because what happens in Salzburg stays in Salzburg.”
Death Hawks (FI) in Rockhouse Bar, Salzburg (AT) – 13/04/2016

More pictures HERE. – Report below!

Disclaimer: Due to a very poor color choice during the show, this turned out to be an desaturated experiment. And artistically seen, black and white just suited this band better. Trust me, I’m a design student. 

The Finnish Psychedelic Rock band Death Hawks stopped by in the Rockhouse Bar and we’ve been there.
What happened? We don’t really know. But if you ever wondered what happens in Salzburg on a Wednesday night, this report is for you. Here it goes.

So let’s just star out saying that the Rockhouse is probably one of the best live music venues in Austria. I’ve seen a lot, but this one always had this special something going on.
It’s always a pleasure being there. Trust me.

Anyway, this time it all started out with Wulfmaster & The Dudes as a supporting act and… Let’s be honest, guys… It was weak.
All we heard were unnecessarily long instrumental songs which almost lulled me and some other guys to sleep. The biggest surprise were some sparse vocals during the third song, but that didn’t make it better at all. Afterwards I kinda forgot to give a damn.

The headliners of the evening were promoted with the almost ridiculously long line “Cosmic Melodic Psych Folk meets Shamanic Kraut Rock Rituals” and this description pretty much sums up everything we saw.
From truly original backdrop-visuals to a calm, yet electrifying performance that just didn’t leave you cold… Death Hawks just came and delivered something unusual for a band of their style.
It simply met all my expectations I had and that’s all.
At this point I’d make some notes about the setlist, but unfortunately I don’t really remember anything. I just recall hearing something from the band’s most recent album “Sun Future Moon” and that’s all. I’m sorry.

You could also see that the crowds enjoyed it – Yes, it was a Wednesday and the bar was fairly filled, regarding the fact that Death Hawks are completely unknown here in Austria. That’s something I only saw in Salzburg so far and it also proves that the promo of the show didn’t suck.

To sum it all up… It was a nice night filled with solid live music.
There wasn’t anything I could rant about here and that’s already a positive thing.



Wulfmaster & The Dudes / Rating:
★☆☆☆☆ – I’m sorry, okay?

Death Hawks / Rating:

If you’re not at least 50% into the material of Death Hawks or Psychedelic Rock in general, don’t do this to yourself. And if you like that subgenre… Well, here’s a band that makes Psych Rock actually interesting again!

Overall Rating:

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