Dead End Scene – EP

Release: 01/09/2017  FIN  |  

Dead End Scene is a fresh metal act from Helsinki, Finland and it was put together in the summer of 2014. Dead End Scene has released two EP’s so far, “Sickness” in early 2015 and “Dance On Broken Glass” in fall 2015. 

Dead End Scene has been actively playing shows since the first release, and has gained a reputation of being an explosive live act. Dead End Scene played in the finals of Emergenza Band Contest and Wacken Metal Battle of 2016, and will release their 3rd EP in fall 2017.

Hello and welcome to another EP review! This time we’re gonna take a look at the self-titled EP by Dead End Scene from Helsinki and let’s not waste any time – Here is what we think about it!

It all starts with “Order In Chaos” and dude, that’s some heavy stuff right there. I’m sure the Metalheads among you would headbang the hell outta this. Dead End Scene manage to surprise with a strong, anthem-like chorus which makes the track unfold in a glorious way.  In Disguise” continues in an explosive way, leaving no questions open. The EP continues with “Dance In The Rain“, where Dead End Scene show the more refined side of their songwriting. You wouldn’t expect hearing something like this after the track’s rather soft intro. And yes, catchy choruses are indeed a strength of this band. 

This Is The End” comes around like a friendly punch in your face, the construction of the track reminding you of something in the likes of Ember Falls, but less straightforward and more unexpected – And that’s what makes this track so enjoyable. There’s also a little hint of Industrial there and… Well, if you want to check this band out, go and take a listen to this track. It’s a bomb.
I was a bit sad when I realised that the next track called “Bite Of The Underdog” just doesn’t cut it after the previous one. But hey, it was solid and the guitar solo was pretty edgy too. Plus points! And here we arrived at the last track of the EP. “Dawn” will greet you with its heavy, but detailed guitar walls, very impressive vocal lines and some cinematic elements.. And you know what? Just make sure to listen to this track when this EP comes out. 1st September is the date. Don’t miss it. 

I can imagine Dead End Scene being the next big thing in Modern Metal from Finland in a couple of years. It’s been a long time since I heard an EP of this songwriting quality and you could just hear that this band has the potential to do big things. On this EP you’ll find a bunch of original ideas mixed with some more traditional elements of Metal and statement-making choruses, making up a very fresh and strong addition to the genre.
We approve and recommend this record. 

Personal Favorites: 

Order In Chaos
Dance In The Rain
This Is The End

★★★★★ // PERFECTION.


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