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Dead by April are back with a brand new record! Three years after the release of “Let The World Know”, the Swedish Modern Metal band is ready to make the worlds collide with an album named… Try guessing it… “Worlds Collide”!
In those three years, the band went through some changes in the line-up, the most notable one being the departure of their vocalist in 2014 and yes, you can still find some people who are whining about that – but now, Dead by April seem to be stronger than ever before.
So… What can you expect from the band’s fourth album “Worlds Collide”? Keep on reading to find out more!

Crying Over You” is the title of the opener and as much as everything about this record seems to be a deal-changer, Dead by April stay true to their style. An unique blend of Metalcore with Pop melodies. The chorus of “Crying Over You” is rather catchy, but the track lacks on hooks, that would make it actually memorable. To be honest, we all expected to hear something darker from them… But who knows? We’re still at the very beginning.
Track number two bears the name “I Can’t Breathe” and yes, I think it’s evident that Dead by April tried to go into a more Electronic direction with “Worlds Collide”. And this song… Was okay at best. It has potential though.

Some familiar intro can be heard and this time, it belongs to “Playing With Fire”. There’s something more Industrial about this one but if you want to hear something more exciting, look out for the next  track. “Warrior” is the third single taken off “Worlds Collide” and belongs to the more enjoyable pieces on this record. At least this one managed to get our expectations for “Worlds Collide” up.
Warrior” is followed by another single-track. It’s “Breaking Point” and yes, that one is the highlight of the whole album. The chorus of “Breaking Point” is also the most spectacular one you’ll hear here, just saying.
Afterwards, there’s another single waiting for you and here we are at the end of the single-track-block of the record, “My Heart Is Crushable” being the most disappointing one. Is it just me, or are the choir parts really annoying? I mean… I really enjoyed the feel of the chorus, but the choir just fucked it up. Sorry.

A minor surprise comes along with “Can You See The Red”. Just go and check it out yourself. The chorus is so cheesy it gets quite awesome. It’s a fun track that actually made my day.
And Dead by April wanting to break, break, break my face is everything, but not believable.
Our Worlds Collide” is the song that proves, that Dead by April are better off with Pontus Hjelm at clean vocals. Definitely make sure to take a listen to this one too. It’s probably the best track on this record right next to “Breaking Point”.

The clean vocals are set aside on “This Is My Life” though, offering a nice diversity… Only if there would be more tracks like this. It’s nice to change things up a bit, you know.
Perfect The Way You Are” follows, reminding you of something that could’ve been taken out from the band’s debut album. It’s Dead by April as we all know them. Nothing new is waiting for you here. And it looks like we’re getting closer to the end of “Worlds Collide”… “For Every Step” featuring Tommy Körberg is the final track on this record and if you missed a true what-the-hell-did-I-hear-now?-experience on “Worlds Collide”, here it is. That wasn’t a Dead by April song, right?
Well… Whatever… It’s a cool one nevertheless!




The feelings about “Worlds Collide” are mixed. You will be confronted to a bunch unspectacular melodies, a handful of semi-sing-along choruses and transparent songwriting where you can foresee every step the music takes.
There is no real hit-song to be found, but that wouldn’t be the problem. Nobody cares about hit-songs anyway… Mostly, we’ve heard all of what you can find on “Worlds Collide” on the band’s older material. There are some honorable mentions like “Our Worlds Collide” for example, but generally seen, this record won’t surprise you at all. Especially if you’re already familiar with Dead by April for years.

Worlds Collide” is indeed heavier than the band’s previous records, but unfortunately it lacked in diversity big times, making it rather underwhelming.
But it’s a solid record nevertheless, but not exactly the first one you should check out if you want to know what Dead by April is all about.
Well, I’m sure “Worlds Collide” will grow on us, right?

Take a Listen:


Personal Favorites:

  • Breaking Point
  • Can You See The Red
  • Our Worlds Collide

★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ // OK. A solid record.



Written by YDP-Collective. April 2017.

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