Dawn Of Memories – Unwritten Endings


Release: 19/12/2016 ITA

Everything started in 2011 when a group of friends, influenced by the Swedish melodic death metal scene founded the band “Violent Souls”. From 2006 to 2010, the band did many concerts around northern Italy and self-produced an EP called “The Golden Palace of Deception”. The meeting with Dysfunction productions (Fear Factory, Mnemic) brought to a more structured project so, with new songs and more evolved sounds, the five-piece combo renamed the band to Dawn of Memories. The debut album “In the Sign of Sin”, was released in 2011. The band received a very positive critical acclaim from the press with a full-stars judgment.

In 2015 the band recorded, once again with DysFunction Productions, the new songs that will raise hell on the new album “Unwritten Endings” and with its renewed line up is ready to come back live again!

Some time ago we reviewed the debut album of Dawn Of Memories (Find it here) and now it’s time to take a listen to the band’s follow-up which will see the light of this world on the 19th December 2016! The title is “Unwritten Endings” and let’s see what this record has to offer and trust us, it’s gonna be an exciting ride.

Tribute To Misery” opens the album in a very symphonic way, sounding almost like an soundtrack to some fantasy movie or something, but once you hear the first few seconds of “Slavery Instead Of A Dream”, you’ll probably question yourself what the actual point of the opener was.
There’s something about “Slavery Instead Of A Dream” that will get you hooked, looking forward to hear the remainder of the record and yes, the band’s sound still draws inspiration from Nordic Metal.
It continues with “City Of Lost Souls” that will greet you with a cool riff and a very catchy chorus. So far it seems that “Unwritten Endings” is much more melodic that its predecessor.

The Hollow Men Survive” is probably the darkest track on the album and… Did that one riff just sound like something from old-school In Flames? Anyway, right here you can expect some hard-hitting harmonies with a sprinkle of catchy tunes once again. Song number five bears the name “The Survivalist” and if you listen closely enough, you’ll be able to hear some funky synth elements, but despite the cool title, there isn’t much that would surprise you about this song. It’s a whole different deal with the energetic “Fear Wakes Me Every Dawn” which was the first track on this record to thoroughly impress me. There’s something that makes this one different from the others, so be sure to check this song out!

Unwritten Endings” continues with the rather mysteriously sounding “Nothingness From Nothing” which comes around almost like a punch to your face – but in a friendly way, if you know what I mean! I really enjoyed the piano intermission, made it sound more variate.
The next thing you’ll hear is “Through The Eyes Of The Dead”, another heavy piece which will mainly impress you with its chorus and the complex guitar patterns.

As you know, we’re always looking for a song we can call a highlight and “On My Lone Path” is definitely one of those. Just take a listen to it yourself! You’ll know what we’re talking about.
Unwritten Endings” comes to its – Achtung, baby! Incoming pun! – written ending with “Death Proof”, delivering a perfect conclusion to an album just like this.



Dawn Of Memories stepped up their game with this record. “Unwritten Endings” sounds more mature than their debut “In The Sign Of Sin” and it’s evident that the band focused more on the melodic aspects of their music.
There might be not many tracks that stick out or tracks that could be considered as “highlights”, but it’s a very impressive album nevertheless that is worth checking out, especially if you enjoy heavier music from the North.

Personal favorites:

  • City Of Lost Souls
  • Fear Wakes Me Every Dawn
  • On My Lone Path

Take A Listen:
Coming soon! Release on 19th December 2016!

★★★★★★★★★☆ // ALMOST PERFECT. But not there.


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