Dawn Of Memories – In The Sign Of Sin


Released: 31.01.2013  ITA

With a sound reminding you of the long, melancholic winter nights of Scandinavia, Dawn Of Memories is a band that deserves to be heard and proves that the Italian Metal scene is very underrated out here.
And now we’re going to tell you something about the band’s debut album “In The Sign Of Sin”.

When you insert “In The Sign Of Sin” in your CD player, you will hear a short intro entitled “From Reality To Seminal Violence”. All you get is a keyboard playing a melody, that makes you excited for what’s going to happen next. Strong riffs, some electronic elements and a catchy chorus – That’s “Dominion Call”. And all I’m going to say about this track is, that you should go and take a listen to it especially when you’re not familiar with Dawn Of Memories. This song pretty sums up their musical direction.
The third song off “In The Sign Of Sin” already happens to be in my list of favorite songs. “Be My Eyes” represents the type of Metal I personally love listening to, with the chorus being the most explosive part of the track. The only negative thing about “Be My Eyes” is the fact, that it’s over as soon as you realize how cool it is.

Shadows Of Memories” comes up next and is somewhat calmer than the previous tracks we heard before. Yet it still keeps up with the rest of the album. And we shouldn’t forget mentioning the great work the band’s drummer Moove delivers in every single song.
Then you’ll hear “Lifetime Redemption” and “Living With My Dark Side”, both solid tracks that won’t leave you cold and the intro of “Silent Outcry” strongly reminded me of Children Of Bodom. At least on the first listen I gave.

The 8th song entitled “Woman’s Soul” is definitely something for ladies like me, the verse reminding me of something I’ve already heard somewhere. And yeah, the singer and guitarist Orion has indeed an unique voice.
We are getting to the final turns of “In The Sign Of Sin” with “Out Of The Wreckage” and it sums up everything you could hear in the previous tracks – Heavy guitar work by the guitar heroes Mario and Simon, great drumming and the chorus being the highlight in any way.


To mention this fact once again: Italian Metal scene doesn’t deserve to be this underrated.
9 strong tracks, that aren’t going to leave any Metal heart cold. That’s “In The Sign Of Sin”. Being around since 2009, Dawn Of Memories managed to release an exceptional debut album, that doesn’t leave any questions open and making me struggle with the final rating.
It surely is a recommendation for everyone who enjoys bands like Code For Silence and In Flames – Just to name some. And I’m going to be nice and give 8 out of 10 points to “In The Sign Of Silence” by Dawn Of Memories.

Personal favorites:

  • Be My Eyes
  • Living With My Dark Side
  • Woman’s Soul
  • Out Of The Wreckage

8 / 10

Take a Listen:

Written by Misha Nyman, March 2014

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