Dallas Kalevala reveal “Ass Of Icon” – first single coming May 5th!


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned YDP-Reader or whether you stumbled across our website by accident… One thing is for sure – you’ll ask yourself the following question upon reading this article’s title: “What the hell is Dallas Kalevala and why should I care?”
Fortunately, we have an answer for that:


Ville Malja and Jussi Matikainen (of Lapko, ed.) have been working on new music in various places, including Berlin, Reykjavik and Kokemäki, to name just a few. The journey they have taken has provoked them to discard safe old routines and find new surprising paths.The song Ass of Icon, released on the band’s website today, gives a small taste of what’s about to come.
The first official single Animal Magnetism will be released on May 5th 2017.“Source: VILD Music


Now that I got your attention and you finally have an idea what this is all about, let’s take an in-depth look at ”Ass Of Icon“. Sounds like an idea, right?

It’s almost like this track has two faces. It’s something that either will or will not meet all your expectations you had for this project called Dallas Kalevala.
It’s something you’ll learn to love and it’s something you’ll probably despise on the first listen. There’s either love or hate. It all depends on you, your views and your taste.

It’s an in-your-face statement with no in-betweens.
It’s something you’ll want to party to… Something to listen while getting wasted on your own. The perfect track for tailgating on German motorways (Yes, tried that few hours ago. Worked perfectly!).

And also, this track is verstörend in the most verstörend way possible – just to use my favorite German word. (Note: “verstörend” means something like “sick”, but that doesn’t make justice to the meaning of “verstörend”. That language is wonderful.)
Ass Of Icon” is some trippy stuff, I’m telling you.


While writing this article, I got curious to know what people (non-insiders) from Austria, Czech Republic and the US think about the very first song Dallas Kalevala shared with the world.
Here are a few first-impression feedbacks I collected for this occasion:


“Now that was quite promising.”
– Pavel, Prague (CZ)


“I think it’s disturbing to mix religion and sex. 
But the sound is crazy and that’s okay, I guess. It’s just not my cup of tea.”
– Denise, Linz (AT)


“ *seen message* ”
– Earl, Albemarle – NC (USA)


“Wow, that was hardcore. *insert surprised emoji here*”
– Bianca, Salzburg (AT)


“It’s catchy, but too hard for my head.”
– Sabine, Breda (NL)


“Sounded like a wild porno soundtrack. Best modern-day Techno I heard in a long time.”
– Mike, Prague (CZ)


Besides all of that, “Ass Of Icon” kinda sounds like a full-on hammered version of Gudrun Gut from the times when she was still doing good Electronic music (e.g. “Firething”) back in the 90s. Yeah, the Berlin style rubbed off really well here and… Did anyone say Berghain?!

While the world might not be 100% ready for this, we all can only look forward what the first single release “Animal Magnetism” will bring in a few days.
Enough talking now. Check out the track below.

People who don’t like flashing elements should consider themselves warned.






From Prague (once again) with love and the first New Music Post actually written by herself,
M. Nyman-Sramkova

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