Dallas Kalevala strike back with “Victimizer” – Watch the video now!


Brace yourself. Dallas Kalevala will beat the shit out of you with their brand new single “Victimizer“. This and the video are a match made in heaven. Or hell. You decide.

This Finnish power duo has come a long way. You and me… We know that. If not and in case you’re still new to whatever this is about, please do yourself a favor and check out the earlier posts that appeared on YDP. I’m sure they’re gonna be around here somewhere. Also, YDP checked out the band’s performance at last year’s Lost In Music festival in Tampere. It was iconic. Just saying.
But hey, let’s not talk about the past – “Victimizer” is out now and it’s everything you never wanted it to be and even more than that.

There are no in betweens when it comes to Dallas Kalevala and their work. You either love it or you hate it and that fact is almost like a phenomenon you can’t answer in an adequate way. The same thing goes for “Victimizer” even though there is absolutely nothing to hate about this track. It leaves you with a feeling of empowerment and it’s almost like a soundtrack taken from an 80s action movie but at the same… It’s not. If you were looking for something that goes beyond the boundaries of Pop music… Congratulations! You definitely found it.


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