“Moon Makes Me Happy” – Check out the new Dallas Kalevala single


Okay. It’s here. And if you thought that “Animal Magnetism” (check this link or read this article in case you still don’t know what this is about) is the best thing that Dallas Kalevala actually have to offer, I gladly suggest you taking a listen to the brand new single bearing the name “Moon Makes Me Happy” and make sure to let it sink in for a while.
There’s nothing much you can ask for. Compared to everything we heard until now, “Moon Makes Me Happy” is like a drastic retreat into the dark void and beside that Michael Jacksonesque vibe to it, I’m pretty sure that such a tight bass line would make anyone happy.
Thank you, Gentlemen. You did it. This is the song we all needed to hear. Amen.
And in case anyone of you happens to be around in Finland this summer, you can actually check out Dallas Kalevala live at Ruisrock or at Lost In Music in Tampere – if you’re not into summer festivals, that is. 


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