Dallas Kalevala release debut single “Animal Magnetism”

Animal Magnetism is a positively charged outburst of the animal within. The post modern human being is a medley of evergrowing conscious layers and the longing for the intuitive, living substance and immorality.
Animal Magnetism is the first song that Jussi Matikainen and Ville Malja wrote together, and it paved the way for Dallas Kalevala’s first steps.”

Source: VILD Music

It’s not too long ago since we talked about “Ass Of Icon” (It’s all HERE in case you missed it) – A track that served you as a small sample of what you can expect from this Finnish duo called Dallas Kalevala.

But let’s forget about how questionable the previous track was at first, okay? The first official single “Animal Magnetism” just dropped today and in case you thought that Dallas Kalevala is absolutely NOTHING for you… Well, this single gives you the chance to think twice.

Other than that, it’s funky, it’s hotter than the sun and it’s catchy as fuck. Trust us and be sure to check it out.


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