Cutting The Ties – Dead Thoughts. Dead Heart.



Released: 04/06/2016 AUT

Cutting The Ties ist eine fünfköpfige Band, welche sich dem Metal-/Post-Hardcore verschrieben hat, aber auch einige Rock & Punk Einflüsse vorweist.
Die fünf Jungs stehen für 110% energiegeladene Shows und für die Atmosphäre welche man auf einer CD nicht kaufen kann.

Im Juli 2015 gegründet, konnte sich die Band nach kurzer Zeit in der lokalen Metal-Szene etablieren.
 Seit August tourt die Band durch Österreich und kann mittlerweile eine Konzertanzahl im zweistelligen Bereich vorweisen.”

Today we’re introducing the up and coming Austrian Post-Hardcore band Cutting The Ties which has released their debut EP “Dead Thoughts. Dead Heart.” in June 2016 and trust me, it’s one of the most promising Metal acts of Austria right now!
Let’s take a listen, shall we?

The opener “Cursed Nights” feels like a friendly punch to your face. You get to hear heavy riffs as well as melodic elements which make it a very energetic and dynamic experience. Cutting The Ties contribute something new and unexpected to the Post-Hardcore genre. We like that.
Dead Thoughts. Dead Heart.” continues with “Through Selfish Eyes” and if you want to have an idea how Cutting The Ties sound like, just imagine Motionless In White meeting Dead By April. But in a more Alternative and straightforward way.

Black Keys: A Sisters Tale” follows and its chorus is catchy as fuck! That’s the only thing I’ll tell you about it. Just go and check it out for yourself, you can find a video for this track over here.
The next track that skyrocketed to the list of my favorite tracks bears the name “Pale Heart”. The songwriting of Cutting The Ties is exceptional and it’s been a long time since I’ve heard something comparable in the Metal scene. The band’s sound goes from almost aggressive to beautifully melodic and that’s what makes it diverse.

Dead Thoughts. Dead Heart.” offers three more tracks and one of them is “Sideways”, another energetic piece that won’t really surprise the listener in any way. “Sirens” comes around with another great chorus that will stay in your head for a while and if you thought that Cutting The Ties can’t surprise you any more on their debut EP… Well, there’s “Memories” and at this point I’m convinced that you just have to take a listen to this EP for yourself. Just let the music speak.




Dead Thoughts. Dead Heart.” is everything a good debut EP should be. It showcases the band’s songwriting ability in a glorious way, there’s musical diversity and there’s a thought behind it all.
I don’t get to hear EP’s like “Dead Thoughts. Dead Heart.” often. That’s for sure. The only thing that would need some improvement is the band’s creative direction which would definitely help them in being more recognizable.

This winter will also see the release of music videos for two songs featured on the EP, so you have quite something to look forward.
Cutting The Ties is a spark of hope for the mediocre Metal scene of Austria. Yes, I finally said it.


Personal Favorites:

  • Black Keys: A Sisters Tale
  • Pale Heart
  • Sirens
  • Memories




Written by Misha Nyman-Sramkova. October 2016.

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