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“Cause nobody gives a fuck who you are…”

Coheed And Cambria (+ Support) in Theaterfabrik, Munich (GER) – 29/01/2015


More pictures here. Report below.


The first show of 2016 kicked off nicely. Theaterfabrik of Munich hosted the Kings of Progressive Rock all the way from the USA.
Yeah, right. We’re talking about Coheed And Cambria. And they brought some very promising supporting acts with them too.
A very entertaining night out on a Friday guaranteed!

The German Post Rock band Lantlôs opened the evening and made sure the venue was packed.
We heard a couple of tracks from the band’s latest album called “Melting Sun” and… It was actually my face that melted – in a not very good way.
Let’s be honest… Their music is very nice to listen to, but seeing and hearing it live is a completely different story.

On the record, you don’t mind those over-five-minute tracks. But once you have to endure it… It gets boring, you know? Especially if you’re not all that familiar with the band’s music.
I’ve seen much worse supporting acts, so the performance of Lantlôs was semi-okay.

We didn’t have to wait for long to see the next supporting act coming up and calling this band a supporting act is wrong.
Agent Fresco featured as one of the best live bands of 2015 on our Year Report as their performance in Munich last December was just plain mind-blowing.

I can say the same thing about their show as the support of Coheed And Cambria – except everything was more relaxed back in Ampere in December ‘15, which is understandable.
Headliner shows are always different from those time-limited slot shows and it really showed here.
Anyway, Agent Fresco mainly picked tracks from their latest album “Destrier” – “Howls”, “See Hell” and “Dark Water”, for example.
An powerful finale was delivered together with “Eyes Of A Cloud Catcher” and… It was kinda clear that the present crowds weren’t familiar with the music of Agent Fresco.

I felt sad (Oh, feelings coming up again). But hey, supporting slots are here to spread the word about bands you wouldn’t know about otherwise!








(More pictures HERE.)


But soon, everybody was looking forward to the main act of the evening.
Coheed And Cambria hit the stage and… I don’t remember what I actually heard and it’s not because of the fact that I spent the first three songs in the photopit. I usually remember what the first three songs were. Usually.

The Bavarian audience in the Theaterfabrik got an live introduction to the band’s latest album “The Color Before The Sun” but I have to admit, that I wasn’t really blown away by their presence.
Coheed And Cambria didn’t surprise me during their show and I think that some people will agree with me saying, that I expected a lot more from Coheed.








Hell, I liked this band better on the record than live!
It’s real. Really.
And every time I have to say something like this, I’m a bit disappointed. Mainly because this “Better on record, not-so-awesome live”-phenomenon sticks with all overly hyped bands. I wonder why?
Another thing I should point out, that you heard some poorly mixed shit in the deepest corner of Theaterfabrik. You seriously couldn’t tell the songs apart when Coheed And Cambria were on.

Let’s not point fingers at anyone, but I guess it’s mainly the fault of the facility being just poor for events like this – Munich has better venues than this. Trust me.

To summarize it all… The performance of Coheed And Cambria was enjoyable, but only for die-hard fans.
If you enjoy the records, well… I don’t think you’d enjoy this band life.
I didn’t. I’m sorry.

But anyway, great thanks goes to the guys at Target Concerts for providing a photo pass for YDP and for organizing an nice and comfortable evening in Munich – Immer wieder gerne!

Lantlôs / Rating:


Agent Fresco / Rating:


Coheed And Cambria / Rating:


Enjoyment Factor:


Agent Fresco are a must-see for every music lover.
Coheed And Cambria for die-hard fans only.


Overall Rating:

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