CMX – Mesmeria


Released: 30/01/2015 FIN

Roughly seen, around 99% of Finnish-singing bands are absolutely unknown outside the borders of Finland.
CMX are one of them and their 15th album called “Mesmeria” just got released.
Now… What is so mesmeric about “Mesmeria”? Well, let’s take a listen!
And greetings from a hotel room in Helsinki, by the way!

The opener of “Mesmeria” is the first single called “Rakkaudessa ja sodassa”. You’ll find a quite catchy chorus here and some quirky synth parts. You can check out the video too if you didn’t already.
Anyway, then we got “Hyperborea” and I hope you won’t get hyperbored. Jokes aside, “Hyperborea” was the first track on “Mesmeria” to really speak to me for some reason. Why did this one remind me a bit of something from the band’s 2007 album “Talvikuningas” though?

The next track you’ll hear goes under the name “Laavaa” and it’s actually another song I could imagine as a single. Or not. But hey, the chorus just deserves to be heard!
Ojai” comes up… A classic CMX-ballad. Nothing negative to say about this one.

The intro of the following track titled “Kauneuden pitkä varjo” sounds a bit like the intro of “Rakkaudessa ja sodassa” played backwards.
To be honest, the whole song sounds a bit like the opener played backwards, but that could be just me, you know… I had two beers before writing this review – And no, kids! Never fly to Helsinki in January!
Mestarirakentaja” reminds me of the “Talvikuningas” album again and that’s not a bad thing at all!
Then you’ll hear “Valles Marineris”. The chorus is great – The rest is okay. No big feelings for me here. You go and check it out yourself! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Teräs” is the track number 8 and you could actually skip it after you already got to know the whole album… I mean… You’re not going to miss much. The same thing goes for “Mystiikan ontologinen sydän”. Non-Finns who’ll pronounce this title without mistakes will get a present from me.
But hey, it gets more exciting after all with “Tuleen kirjoitettu”!
Let’s move on to track number 11, okay?
Tulisaarna” is, as the duration already tells you… More of a filler.
The closing track of “Mesmeria” entitled “Eksopaleoklimatologi” turns out to be quite epic in the end. After you’ve listened to the album for the – let’s say – third time, though…



Mesmeria” is… An OK album for CMX!
It won’t grow on you as fast as some albums do, but that’s probably the interesting part about it. You won’t find many mesmeric moments on it and almost everything you hear can be predicted.
At first it will sound a bit too boring, but you’ll find your way to the music. Trust me!
I enjoyed previous records like “Talvikuningas” and “Seitsentahokas” a lot and I can’t say that CMX would disappoint me with “Mesmeria”.
It’s an OK album and it will stay an OK album for forever.

And I’m sorry I didn’t provide any translations here. Will do that next time, okay?!

Personal favorites:

  • Hyperborea
  • Laavaa
  • Ojai
  • Valles Marineris

Take a Listen:


Written by Misha Nyman – January 2015, published October 2015.

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