Children Of Bodom – Halo of Blood

Released: 07.06.2013  FIN

“ROOOAAAAR, BOOOOOM, TAKATAKA, DILILILILILILING, WHOAAAAA, WHOAAAAAAAA, *fangirlish* EAAAAAAK!” – Okay, I lost a bet and had to write a review like this. I call this a appropriate review for this record but don’t take it seriously.
When you hear Children Of Bodom, you mostly think about fast and powerful songs, don’t you?
The band hailing from Finnish Espoo released their eight studio album “Halo of Blood” and didn’t bring anything new, but surprised a little and surely didn’t disappoint anyone.
Well, I think I gonna cut this crap of mine introducting the review and only add, that “Halo of Blood” proves, that every album produced by Peter Tägtgren seems to be awesome.
Just continue reading!

Halo of Blood” starts actually… Well… The same way like all the other albums by this Melodic Death Metal band do. “Waste Of Skin” kicks off with epic guitar riff by the band’s singer and lead guitarist Alexi Laiho. Awesome drumming by Jaska Raatikainen, those synths by Janne Wirman which are typical for the sound of the band…
Well, here we have Children Of Bodom as everyone knows them. Aggressive, but still catchy.

The next song you will hear bears the same name as the album. Now it gets interesting!
Mighty and fast drumming opens this track, great guitarwork, awesome shouts… What more to add? Except this song seems to be more build on the instruments than vocals.
Scream For Silence” comes up and belongs to my favorites already from the first listening on. The intro is just really stunning and the whole song remains catchy the whole 4 minutes and 10 seconds through. In my opinion, it’s one of the best songs from “Halo of Blood”.

After this one, you’ll hear “Transference”. The first single that made you all excited for this album. “Transference” wasn’t all that bad idea to be the first single. Catchy first guitar tones accompanied by drumming, rythm guitar by Roope Latvala joining in and also Henkka Seppälä with the bass.
The song is indeed pretty powerful, as well as catchy, and the instrumental solo just got me.

No album by Children of Bodom can go without a track having the word “Bodom” in it. To keep the reviews also a bit educational, Bodom is a lake in Espoo. On “Halo of Blood” we have “Bodom Blue Moon”. Another quite classic sounding song by these Finns. And I have nothing to add again.

Your Days Are Numbered” is the name of the following track and it slightly reminds me of an older Children Of Bodom song, just I don’t remember which one it was.
I spoke about some surprises… Well, I think the following song is a big surprise enough to be mentioned in the review introduction.
Dead Man’s Hand On You” really surprised me with its everything. It starts with a little Amorphisesque and melancholic vibe in it, but still, the composition of this song is very interesting. No. It’s too damn interesting. To tell something about this song takes more than I have words… Really. The best Children Of Bodom song from this album or maybe of all time? Here it is!

Damaged Beyond Repair” is a song I actually didn’t pay much attention to at first. It’s another quite solid song, but isn’t as groundbreaking as the previous song.
After it you got “All Twisted” and you don’t even realized that you’re getting closer to the end of this album.
Yes. “Halo of Blood” has a high enjoying factor. Maybe I should also give away “Enjoying factors” to the next records. This one is surely at 95%.
The last track, “One Bottle And A Knee Deep” begins with another catchy riff, being really powerful and hard-hitting as always. Another song build up more or less on the instruments the way like it is on “Halo of Blood” – the song. Too bad, that it finishes the way leaving you waiting for more.

As always, Children Of Bodom didn’t disappoint me with their new album. Principally seen, this album deserves the full rating, but I have to take one point away since I’m not really impressed when some bands stuck with the same sound over the whole existence and mostly release the same album over and over again.

But does it matter when the music is good?

Personal Favorites:

  • Scream For Silence
  • Transferecne
  • Dead Man’s Hand On You


Take a Listen: 

Written by Misha Nyman – June 2013, edited July 2014

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