Check out the debut single by Skogebrandt!

Behind the moniker and family name Skogebrandt, is the singer/songwriter Anders Nilsson, who is about to launch his solo project with the single “Been You“. The song, co-written with fellow Swede Fanny Mardirossian, is an anthem about following your dreams and the blessings and curses that come with a creative mind. The self-produced, coming debut EP is recorded in Stockholm and in a mountain cabin in southern Norrland, Sweden.

Skogebrandt released the debut single “Been You” on May 18th and it’s been on our have-to-feature-list for a felt eternity and now it’s finally time to tell you something about it.

Lay back for a while and feel free to let your thoughts flow away together with the soft melodies that “Been You” offers. The track brings something different – In a very good way! – with it and there’s definitely something that will catch your attention. It’s only up to you to figure out what it is. The magic is there waiting to be uncovered.

And in case you enjoyed “Been You” – And honestly, who wouldn’t enjoy that? – there’s good news! The debut EP is coming in fall 2018. We will be looking forward. You should too. 🌹


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