“A wrench thrown in the system” Ember Falls (FI) in Exit-Us, Prague (CZE) – 20/05/2016 More pictures here – Report below! DISCLAIMER: If any of this stops making sense… Blame it on my tinnitus spike […]

“…Because what happens in Salzburg stays in Salzburg.” Death Hawks (FI) in Rockhouse Bar, Salzburg (AT) – 13/04/2016 More pictures HERE. – Report below! Disclaimer: Due to a very poor color choice during the show, this […]

“I see the zombies walking down the street and it kills me… Their happiness” IAMX (UK) in Posthof, Linz (AT) – 10/03/2016 HQ Photos here – No review this time, sorry. But we recommend and approve.

Sabaton in Music Hall, Innsbruck (AT) – 15/02/2016   More pictures can be found here. Report below. TO HELL AND BACK! Huh…   DISCLAIMER: I’m writing this at 3 am again. Innsbruck is probably the […]