Blindfall – A New Day (EP)


Released: 15/04/2016 GER

You like heart-melting lyrics and happy tunes?
In that case, the new blindfall EP “A New Day” wouldn’t be your first choice.
Sometimes somber and melancholic, sometimes tough but always full of energy – that’s the sound of the rock-crossover metal band blindfall from Freiburg/Teningen.

Let’s admit it… I’m a sad person and the music I listen to speaks for it. I’m not really fond of heart-melting lyrics and happy tunes. So yeah, whatever the new EP called “A New Day” has to offer, it sounds very promising. Anyway, let’s take a look at it!

It all starts out with the intro “Good Morning” that flows over into the title track “A New Day”. A solid track that will introduce you to what Blindfall are basically about. But hang on, there’s a lot more coming at you! The energetic “Some Of Us”, for example. That one has something memorable to it.

The first few tracks on “A New Day” could be described as something between Alternative Rock and Metal. “No Matter What” is the more crossover-ish side of Blindfall. And look, it brings the next big thing with it! Along with lyrics in both English and German – Yup. I’m a fan of bilingual lyrics.
Visions” comes up next and is… Okay. I mean, there’s nothing that would make you raise from your seat.

And then there’s the closing song “Let Go” – check out the video HERE – which gets better with every listen. Just as the whole “A New Day” EP.



Blindfall didn’t disappoint with “A New Day”. There was everything I expected to hear, but it is a grower. It just took four listens to actually get into the music but once I did, “A New Day” proved itself to be a solid EP that shows the potential of Blindfall.
And if German would be our business-language, we’d say “Da geht noch was!”.

Personal favorites:

  • Some Of Us
  • No Matter What

Take a Listen:





Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. May 2016.

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