Blind Channel – Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers” is the sophomore album by the Finnish Violent Pop output Blind Channel and yes, we’ve been looking forward to this release ever since one of us checked this band out at Lost In Music last October.

You can read about it here. Anyway, Blind Channel proved that they got the balls to become the next big thing in Finnish Metal export on several occasions – And let’s be honest, the Metal scene in Finland needs some fresh breeze. That’s what this band brings on their brand new album. Let’s talk about it a bit more, okay?

The band delivers a very solid opener with “Trigger” and yes, you’ll soon find out that their sound is quite a thing on its own. They call it Violent Pop. A very fitting description indeed as you can’t really put this into the Metal/Rock genre without feeling bad about it. And no matter how badass “Trigger” sounds like, the expected in-your-face-experience is not present. Yet.
Sharks Love Blood” follows and the chorus is just fucking catchy. Everything you hear on this track just works, the heavy guitars riffs are funky and the songwriting is skilfully solved – You just cannot not love this.

The next track turns out to be quite average when compared to whatever you heard some minutes ago. “Wolfpack” is okay. And so is “Elephant In The Room” – Blind Channel tried to be a bit edgier here and it worked. The only thing that I missed was some hook that would make the song more interesting and less straight-forward. Things get stirred up a bit on “Out Of Town” which was the first track to truly catch my attention. No idea what it is, but there’s something about this one. Just go and take a listen to this one for yourself. There’s something that makes it strangely irresistible.

“In case you miss me, I’m out of town”

My Heart Is A Hurricane” continues in a similar (but way too predictable) way and then you’ll hear “Giants” and you can prepare yourself to be blown away. Or not. But anyway, “Giants” belongs to the songs that definitely qualify as a highlight on this record.
Blood Brothers” will surprise you with “Like A Brother” and its hilarious autotune-features as well the chorus that takes some really nice, unexpected turns. Yes, we have found the ultimate highlight.
The next track feels a bit like coming home – “Alone Against All” was the very first single I remember hearing from Blind Channel and no matter what, this song just describes the band well. It makes a statement. And that’s all you need from a single like this.

Experimental vibes get spread together with “Scream” that just feels like the perfect last song for an album like “Blood Brothers“, but you’ll hear “I.D.F.U.” afterwards and I’m more than convinced that switching these two tracks on the list would work better. It just kinda ruins the feeling that “Scream” gives you – But that’s not all too bad, you know.
Blood Brothers” makes you feel like it could go on for forever and it’s definitely worth your while.

Take a Listen:


Personal Favorites:
Sharks Love Blood
Out Of Town
Like A Brother



Blind Channel bring the #violentpoprevolution to live with their 2nd album “Blood Brothers“. They might have not reinvented Modern Metal this time, but they’re on a good way and we can expect the band to push the boundaries further.
Blood Brothers” is a very convincing record that mainly relies on groovy and catchy choruses – It turns out to be a bit monotone at parts, the lyrics are okay and sometimes you can predict a whole song just by listening the first few parts of it. Some experiments are always welcome. Other than that, it’s a highly enjoyable record that will not disappoint you at all. Blind Channel are on the right way. And “Blood Brothers” is the beginning.

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